Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not Finished Bragging

So, after the last state wrestling tournament that I wrote about- we went on to the huge Middle School state- were 1000 wrestlers competed for two days. Toby freaking won! It was so exciting. The guy he beat in the Championship round was undefeated, as was Toby. His brother is on the Olympic wrestling team and even the director of the entire program congratulated Toby and said, "Do you know who you just beat?" He told Toby he was a great athlete and to keep with it. It was amazing. His season ended 25-0.

This is the newspaper article written about him- I thought it was amazing.

This is a proud Mama right here. He was chosen to be on an Elite team and will go to Iowa next week then Nationals in PA!

Trey and Dylan wrestled their hearts out at this tournament as well- but did not place. I have high hopes for them next year!


  1. Way to go Toby!!! This is so awesome!

    Trey and Dylan - you will get them next year!!

  2. congrats Toby, what an amazing day :-)