Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Long awated wrestling pictures

Here are some pictures from wrestling. Wrestling is over now until October and soccer has begun this week- first game on Saturday. Jen is coaching the Twins' team.

The construction guys have not been here in over a week- I need a job like that. I know they ordered windows and were waiting on that- but it seems like there is lots of other stuff to work on in the meantime.

Still waiting to hear if the Excursion is totaled or not- we are pretty sure it is- but need to official word- then we will have to go get our stuff out of it and the stereo and TV. I think Jen should buy me a Hummer now!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday- we are off to Wal Mart! Yeah!

Dylan wins and makes his opponent cry

Toby throwing a kid on the mat

Dylan got a black eye

Trey on top taking down an opponent

Monday, March 30, 2009

My name is Kate- I am a scrap aholoic

Here are the long awaited pictures from this weekend. I was able to finished up a family album from last year that just needed some journaling but I had been putting it off. I completed our album from the Disney cruise last year- and did about 15 pages for Taya's album- I am almost up to her first Birthday now! I won't even tell you how far behind I am with the boys.

It was great fun- I goofed off a lot so I did not get done as much as I wanted- but that's OK. We go again in November and are going to be at a new hotel- so hopefully I like it. The reason I like this one- is my Grandmother is in a nursing home right across the street- so I can pop over and see her everyday.

Taya and Trey came to spend the night on Saturday- so that was a nice distraction because I was sure missing everyone and dying to see Jen after the accident.

Toast naps while all the scrap booking is going on

Taya came to visit on Saturday and she was taking calls for me

The room after I cleaned up a little- Toast trying to get comfy

I have to bring my lap top because I hate the way my writing looks

Ok is this more crap then anyone needs for a weekend?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rollover my heart.....

I had a great time scrap booking and was able to get about 45 pages completed- but with a huge hiccup- Friday morning Jen was on the way to the airport with 4 puppies- in our Spring snowstorm- she was driving slow when a semi flew past her and she lost control of the Excursion and flipped it into the median. Praise God that she walked away without injury. Her seat belt probably saved her life- she normally does not wear one- but she was compelled to put it on about 10 miles before the accident.

When she landed and got her bearings- the truck was on it's side- she had to dig her way out. Crazy Jen does not call 911- she calls me first after she found her phone in the snow- she could only think about hearing my voice- I do love her- and I was freaking out, feeling so helpless.

Rootbeer and Leihua were also in the car with her- so they must have also gone for a tumble. Thank God Taya was home with the boys. The Firefighters were trying to get Jen out of the Excursion- but she wouldn't leave the dogs for fear that they would get run over on the highway.

The dogs were all OK, the pups were in kennels so that probably helped- and have all made their flights to their new homes. The fate of the Excursion is still to be decided- we will have it towed from the impound lot to a body shop tomorrow to see how bad it is.

I am so thankful that Jen is OK. This hit way to close to home. I could be without her right now and the reality of that has been difficult to think about. She is the love of my life and I feel like I have been given a gift to be lucky enough to still have her in my life to love.

I will post some scrap booking pictures tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wow I am three!

It seems like just yesterday that Jen was inseminating me on the morning before I flew to AZ. Thinking we were going to miss this cycle because I had an unexpected trip out of town- but we already had the sperm- so why not try?

Now she is three. We had a fun party at Chuck E. Cheese- it is so loud there.

Having a girl opens a whole new world of high pitched screams, frills, attitude, and love.

She is changing before my eyes- before I know it she will be a young lady. sigh!

Taya and Ava

Taya and Autum

Dylan with his black eye from wrestling

Toby with his cotton candy

Going for a ride

Look at me

Monday, March 23, 2009

Taya's new Tutu

We ordered this fun tutu for Taya from Tina at Sweet Pea's Place the pictures do not do it justice but it is so cute! Taya wore it to dance class and was the hit of the day.

Taya had her birthday party yesterday so I will post pictures of my now three year old!

Two more days until scrapbooking yeah!

I have not killed Bryce yet- and since we are on Spring Break he hasn't gotten in any trouble at school.

Dylan got a black eye at wrestling- and Jen got some pictures so I have to post those too.

I was sick again most of the weekend- but I was quick to admit it so I was able to get IV's and pain meds at the Dr. and not have to go to the hospital- praise God! I am feeling better now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Teenager for sale- cheap!

Well I gotta tell you about my day yesterday. UG!

I got a call from the school nurse that Bryce was hurt- so I rushed to the school- well he was very hurt- he has a broken nose and was sitting in a face full of blood when I got there.

Apparently- before school he was shinning a laser light into a boys face- teasing him- the boy had enough and walked over to Bryce and took his hat off and threw it.

Bryce stood up and puffed out his chest- like teenagers do- and the fight was on. The other kid threw the first punch and about 10 more, including slamming Bryce's face into the lunch table.

Bryce has no clue how to fight- so lets just say he got the worse end of the deal.

Suspended for 3 days and a ticket for bridge of peace. He has NEVER been in any trouble- welcome to High School- his brains have just gone out the window.

I am not sure what is happening with this child of mine. Tell me if I am wrong here- I understand that Bryce should not have been shinning the light in the kids face- I get that- he was provoking him- but punching Bryce in the face and breaking his nose seems a little like excess force- or am I just being the Mom of the kid that got beat up?

Interrior Decorating

I am so grateful to Taya- she has understood that I have been under stress lately trying to figure out my kitchen. She must have been looking over my shoulder when I was blogging about decorating the kitchen, and all of the decisions I was trying to make.

So this morning, when I got up to go to the bathroom- I was greeted with these 5 beautiful pictures! I think she is trying to tell me how she thinks I should decorate. I appreciate her artistic input- and I am thankful that this time she drew on easy to clean, ceramic tiles and not the walls that she usually desires for her inner artist to come out!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Making Progress

The construction guys have been working hard and have actually made some progress. I know they have made enough progress to require more money! :) Tomorrow they are framing the kitchen walls and I think I have made window decisions. Now I have to make cabinet ones!

One more week until I go to my scrap booking weekend- can you tell I am excited?

Puppies are starting to leave on Thursday with the first ones going to the airport- so that is good news.

The most exciting news of all is that Bryce came to me tonight and apologized for the way he has been acting and told me he loved me- and here is the shocker- he did not seem to want anything in return. He is still not getting his permit until his grades are better- but I am glad he knows he is being a big jerk sometimes. I was beginning to wonder who this child was.

Sunday we are having Taya's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese- Amber, Jake and their girls will be there so I am excited to get to see them again.

Someday this will be Trey and Dylan's rooms

Trey's escape window

Someday this will be my dining room

Monday, March 16, 2009

Stressed out

Well the remodel is moving along and now I have to make all kids of decisions and it stresses me out. What size windows do I order? How many windows? A 5 or 6 foot door? Sliding or french? Bay or bowed windows- UG I wanna pull my hair out.

I went to make easy decisions- pick out lights- wrong! The only thing I did decide on was the cutest pink ceiling fan for Taya that has butterflies and hearts on it. I also know I will be paining her room pink and chocolate. I have no clue if I want a hanging light over the table- or a light that is flush with the ceiling.

Then I have to figure out where to put the appliances, and the cupboards, and I want the sink in the corner with big windows and the construction guys look at me like I am crazy- then I begin to doubt myself- maybe I am crazy. I know normal people might have a blue print or a plan- but not us- I just decide to build on and tear out walls- and so far it has all worked out- on the two other additions we have built- but a kitchen is a lot of decisions!

Then how will we decorate the kitchen? A country theme? Mickey Mouse kitchen? African? I don't know. I would like someone to help me- Jen has no clue- the construction guys say just tell them what to do and they will do it- Home Depot says to bring them in a floor plan with all the outlets and stuff- well I have to decide that too- where to put the outlets.

Ok I know in the grand scheme of things this is nothing to stress over- but I think about it all the time!

Tomorrow is divorce court round three- I will let you all know how it goes.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am trying to win One More Baby's giveaway- please go and check out her blog.

The first 3 people to comment on this post will receive a surprise gift from me! When and what will be a surprise to the winners. There is a rule to win, other than leaving a comment, and that is you also must post this same giveaway on your blog first. ** Post on your blog, then come back to leave a comment. **

We just got home from wrestling- I told Jen to bring the camera- but she forgot it! Toby got 2ND- Trey got 1st, and Dylan got third. They all did a great job. Toby is the lucky recipient of some wrestler's ring worm- yeah! I love this about wrestling.

Hopefully someday we will have pictures to post of my wrestler's.

I also have interview questions to answer for Michelle- so I better get my rear in gear!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Does he look gay?

So today was Bryce's first track meet- I have no idea why he wanted to do track but he did. So he was pole vaulting. It is interesting to watch- and a fatty like me could never make it up as high as he does, but he has a lot of work to do if he plans to support Jen and I with this career choice.

He did keep asking me if he looked "gay" in his track outfit? Now- what does he have against looking gay? I am so offended. He would be so lucky to be in our club- not to mention the new toaster oven Jen and I would get from our leaders for recruiting one still in High School. :)

Tomorrow the kids have a wrestling tournament- ALL DAY LONG. Last week Toby- who weighs 120.9 pounds was put in heavy weight and had to wrestle a kid that was 202- what is that about? I hate that. I have to help at the booths- sure do love that.

The pups are doing great- keeping our fingers crossed. They should be leaving soon.

Came home tonight from the movies and Bryce was setting off fireworks. I swear it is a brain fart that he is suffering with.

I just want him to be safe and happy.

We went to see Friday the 13th- ok stupid- not gory at all- and a waste of time- so don't bother.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Divorce Court

So today was my best friends divorce court- you remember where "he" served my kids to testify.

4 hours were scheduled on the court calendar- I actually made fun of this- they had no kids, a pre-numptual agreement, only married about a year, she owned her house before they were married- what could take 4 hours?

WRONG! After 4 hours- the judge continued it until this afternoon- then continued it again until Tuesday- folks really why do you have to be so stubborn?

My boys did great on the stand. It was hard to see Dylan on the stand- he is so little and his voice was shaking- but he just answered the questions and they moved on to Bryce. The judge had them out of the courtroom and back in class within an hour- I appreciate that.

I read during court on my Kindle-I was able to finish one book and start another- so I do appreciate getting some reading time in.

I guess I just don't understand what is so important to fight over. When I broke up with my ex- I gave her the nicer van of the two-yes I drove a mini van! I took the largest credit card debt, split the furniture, sold the house and took the animals because she hated them and just moved on. I am still friends with everyone I have ever been in a relationship with- even my first love! Just seems to make life easier this way.

I will update on Tuesday how long court is that day- but at least the kids are done.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Michelle's giveaway and updates

Please go to Michelle's path . Michelle has a great family and is living in Guam. Her husband has been deployed to Iraq and they have a beautiful daughter named Kayla. She blogs all the time and is a great person, you are sure to enjoy.

Tina's place makes hair bows and tutu's.Life in the Northwest. My daughter has recently started dance class and I have had to worst time finding cute dance clothes for her to wear- so I have entered a contest for a Tina's tutu at Michelle's path to win! I have just recently started following her blog- so I am new to Tina's world. :)

Not much new going on here- Bryce is working on his grades but the quarter ends Friday- so I don't have much hope. I think he is over his attitude for now though.

I have the worst news- my best friend is getting a divorce- it has been in the process for over a year- well Thursday is the court date and her soon to be ex subpoenaed 2 of my kids last night! Wow so now I have to take my kids to court to be involved in a divorce trial! Can you believe that? My 14 and 9 year old- the court is planned for 4 hours- so it will be a long day.

The construction workers have not yet shown up this week- I am glad I am not building a whole house- it might take a decade.

We are trying to figure out our summer and when we can go to Hawaii- we go every year, my parents live there, and man- as the kids get older they have so many more activities- our summer is filling up fast- I hate it when summer flies by.

2 weeks until Taya is three and the 26th I go to a scrap booking convention for 4 days- I can't wait!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, my son hates me

So my terrific son Bryce just posted on My Space his mood is pissed of and he hates his Mom.

Here is the story. Thursday we went to parent teacher conferences- just a reminder he is in 9th grade. He had an A- in PE, 2 F's and 4 D's. Impressed? So he was supposed to start Drivers Ed in 2 weeks and I said no- my rule is C's or better- not a C average but C's or better. He will miss this class but he can take it next month if his grades are better according to my rules. However he won't get his permit when he turns 15- it will be delayed because of missing this class so he may be 16 and a month when he gets his licence- or two months depending on how long he needs to get his priorities together. Last I checked no one died from not having their permit on time. I know a month seems like an eternity to a 14 year old. But come on- meet me in the middle, show me you have drive. In math he has not even taken the time to turn in the last 12 assignments so that shows he doesn't care, and is not trying very hard.

I remember fighting with my own parents about this- I never got my licence until after I turned 18, because I was a difficult child and did not think I should follow my parents rules. Bryce seems to think I am only doing this because it was done to me. He says nothing is ever good enough for me. So I am at a loss. He did get 1 F up to a D- but he has one job- to go to school and do a good job, and D's and F's don't cut it with me. I am trying to be reasonable by asking for C's or better. My Dad wanted A's.

So what do I do?- talking to him does not help, I have lectured him, talked to him, threatened him, told him I am disappointed,we have taken his phone away, told him he will be home while we are on vacation because he will go to summer school. Jen handled the My Space comment well and made him remove it and told him he will not write things about me lie that. My best friend is the one that saw it- and called Jen. I am grateful he does not dabble in worse- but every day is a new day. I don't want to be a bitch- I feel like I am not over reacting, I want the best for him and a permit is not important right now, school is. I know all kids and parents go through this so it is my turn- I just hate it. I love Bryce and I want him to be happy- but I also want him to be successful. I totally understand my dreams for him are not his dreams- and I am OK with that but he needs to get his grades up.

On a brighter front- the construction guys showed up and got a little work done- poured some concrete in the new Styrofoam walls- it is supposed to be the "green" way to build. The walls are 8 inches thick- so it is interesting to watch. I am guessing they will be done in July.

Putting cement in the new foam walls

Messy job

Man my yard is a mess- but there is progress

Friday, March 6, 2009


So I could not stand it- Jen and I went to see Amber my foster daughter from years ago. After I talked with her- I just could not get her off my mind- so we took a drive a meet her, her boyfriend, and their two kids. It was great to see her after all these years- to see her as a mom, in her home and happy.

We took them to lunch and then took the girls to a nearby park- the girls are 2, 3, and 4 so they had a great time.

I forgot how little and frail Amber was. Boy it was great to see her. It is a good feeling when things go right for once.

I love you Amber- thanks for finding me. You mean the world to me and you are a great kid- even if you are a Mom now, you will always be my kid.

Autum, Ava, and Taya

Autum, Taya, and Ava

Me and Amber

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Shinning Movie and jabbering

I bet most of you have seen this movie? A creepy one- Red Rum. Well yesterday Jen and I went to go see my old Foster daughter Amber and her family- more to come on this tomorrow- and we drove past the Stanley Hotel- where the movie was filmed. We didn't get very close- but it is a beautiful hotel- and on the pricey side I understand. Like $400 for a very small room. I know they also do murder mystery parties there- that would be fun to go do sometime.

The new addition construction is moving at a snails pace- I swear they work for a day and then take a week off- I wish I could get a job like that. They poured the footers over a week ago- I think the concrete is dry now folks.

I am the treasurer for two of the schools here in town- we had our meeting last night for one of them and some of the "officers" are so grouchy- if you don't want to help out, then step down and let some fresh blood with new ideas help the schools. It seems like people just want the title of being "Secretary", or "President" for 8 years- no one cares people, really they don't.

Taya has decided she needs a new kitty- so we have been on the hunt for a kitten. I love kittens- they are so cute when they are babies. I know in a few weeks they will be all over the place- but of course she wants one now!

I have so many things on my DVR to watch it is crazy. I love the show Little People, Big World- and I think I have like 40 of them to watch, plus American Idol, Amazing Race, all three CSI's, 90210- yes I watch this- and Secret Life. I just need to veg out for like a week and get caught up.

We had a TV dilemma- we have a HUGE TV in the front room- so we retired our 52 inch- so I was tired of it taking up space in the basement so I was going to sell it- then Jen mentioned it is a nice TV maybe we should put it in our bedroom, well that had a snowball effect because then Bryce wanted our old bedroom TV because his is not HD. So now we have this monster TV that looks ridiculous- but Bryce is settled in with his new TV and Toby took Bryce's old one because it was bigger- what a mess I created by just trying to clear a little clutter- I hate projects like that. I also found out that Dish network is lame and can't run 2 HD TV's from the same box- so most of what we did was in vain because the great TV that used to be in our room, and is now in Bryce's room, is just running like a regular TV. What a cycle- anyone else get involved in these projects?

Well I am off to eat some raspberries- yum! Jen and Taya are still asleep- I think they need to get up and play with me!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Somedays you just want to "kill" them....

So my daughter is a busy bee and loves to play dress up and hairdresser. Unfortunately, she is a hands on kind of child!

Taya no longer has a forehead- she has a "fivehead" because it is so large. She decided to cut her bangs! Wow not much you can do with them but put a hat on her head. Of course she decided to do this just a few weeks before her three year old pictures were to be taken.

In the grand scheme of things- I know it is no big deal and that her bangs will grow- but man it irritates me! Her hair grows at a snails pace- and it is really hard to take her seriously with her hair looking like it does.

So I bought this cute hat at Target for $1.00- but she won't wear it- so she puts it on Root Beer the dog.

Trey took a hair razor to his head once right before Christmas pictures. I guess it must run in the family.

I know some of you are thinking "how did she get scissors?" Well, no matter how hard you watch children, or think things are put away- they will find things to get into! No matter how cute they are, there are days when you just want to throw the towel in. :)