Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rollover my heart.....

I had a great time scrap booking and was able to get about 45 pages completed- but with a huge hiccup- Friday morning Jen was on the way to the airport with 4 puppies- in our Spring snowstorm- she was driving slow when a semi flew past her and she lost control of the Excursion and flipped it into the median. Praise God that she walked away without injury. Her seat belt probably saved her life- she normally does not wear one- but she was compelled to put it on about 10 miles before the accident.

When she landed and got her bearings- the truck was on it's side- she had to dig her way out. Crazy Jen does not call 911- she calls me first after she found her phone in the snow- she could only think about hearing my voice- I do love her- and I was freaking out, feeling so helpless.

Rootbeer and Leihua were also in the car with her- so they must have also gone for a tumble. Thank God Taya was home with the boys. The Firefighters were trying to get Jen out of the Excursion- but she wouldn't leave the dogs for fear that they would get run over on the highway.

The dogs were all OK, the pups were in kennels so that probably helped- and have all made their flights to their new homes. The fate of the Excursion is still to be decided- we will have it towed from the impound lot to a body shop tomorrow to see how bad it is.

I am so thankful that Jen is OK. This hit way to close to home. I could be without her right now and the reality of that has been difficult to think about. She is the love of my life and I feel like I have been given a gift to be lucky enough to still have her in my life to love.

I will post some scrap booking pictures tomorrow!


  1. Wow, somebody sure was watching for her and telling her to wear that seat belt. I hope she decides to wear it more often, or better yet always now. Im so sorry. Im so glad she is ok. Phew. And the fur babies too.

    Im jealous you got 45 pages done! I been meaning to get my things out but Kayla has been teething and isnt her happy self these days.

  2. Oh my - my heart just skipped a beat, dropped to my toes....

    I am SO very glad that she is ok. I can only imagine the panic that she was feeling, but also what you were/are feeling. That fear of loss scares the hell out of me. I don't know what I would do with out my Kelly - and can only imagine that your fear has really been brought to the surface.

    I really am so very glad she is ok. Way too scary. Just way too scary.

  3. Wow! How scary. I'm glad she's okay. That's amazing that she put her seatbelt on right before. Someone sure was watching out for her. Sooooo glad she's okay.

  4. OMG!!!!!! thank God she is alright. I cant even imagine it. My heart was pounding when i was reading it. Glad the pups are ok.

    45 pages! how in the world. Im a huge srapbooker (is that a word?), and to do 45 pages would take me all week.

    I really got to start again, i havnt scrapped anything like in months.

  5. OMG! I am so glad she (and the puppies) were all right. How scary! The picture really does say a thousand words.