Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Shinning Movie and jabbering

I bet most of you have seen this movie? A creepy one- Red Rum. Well yesterday Jen and I went to go see my old Foster daughter Amber and her family- more to come on this tomorrow- and we drove past the Stanley Hotel- where the movie was filmed. We didn't get very close- but it is a beautiful hotel- and on the pricey side I understand. Like $400 for a very small room. I know they also do murder mystery parties there- that would be fun to go do sometime.

The new addition construction is moving at a snails pace- I swear they work for a day and then take a week off- I wish I could get a job like that. They poured the footers over a week ago- I think the concrete is dry now folks.

I am the treasurer for two of the schools here in town- we had our meeting last night for one of them and some of the "officers" are so grouchy- if you don't want to help out, then step down and let some fresh blood with new ideas help the schools. It seems like people just want the title of being "Secretary", or "President" for 8 years- no one cares people, really they don't.

Taya has decided she needs a new kitty- so we have been on the hunt for a kitten. I love kittens- they are so cute when they are babies. I know in a few weeks they will be all over the place- but of course she wants one now!

I have so many things on my DVR to watch it is crazy. I love the show Little People, Big World- and I think I have like 40 of them to watch, plus American Idol, Amazing Race, all three CSI's, 90210- yes I watch this- and Secret Life. I just need to veg out for like a week and get caught up.

We had a TV dilemma- we have a HUGE TV in the front room- so we retired our 52 inch- so I was tired of it taking up space in the basement so I was going to sell it- then Jen mentioned it is a nice TV maybe we should put it in our bedroom, well that had a snowball effect because then Bryce wanted our old bedroom TV because his is not HD. So now we have this monster TV that looks ridiculous- but Bryce is settled in with his new TV and Toby took Bryce's old one because it was bigger- what a mess I created by just trying to clear a little clutter- I hate projects like that. I also found out that Dish network is lame and can't run 2 HD TV's from the same box- so most of what we did was in vain because the great TV that used to be in our room, and is now in Bryce's room, is just running like a regular TV. What a cycle- anyone else get involved in these projects?

Well I am off to eat some raspberries- yum! Jen and Taya are still asleep- I think they need to get up and play with me!


  1. What a mess with the TV! Kind of cute. :) I agree about Dish Network. I like Direct TV.

  2. Hey! I saw your comment about your girls hair on Malia's Mamas blog and just had to come take a look! I must say that I'm snickering. Sorry, but a "fivehead"...did you make that up? Your family is beautiful!

  3. Honey did you happen to see that really nice list that Michelle wrote about her husband? I will be expecting my pro list anytime soon. :) I am Irish so that is #1

    I love you baby very much.

  4. Hey Kate,

    I have a huge crafty shopping favor to ask of you! I hope you don't mind. I will email you about it.