Thursday, March 12, 2009

Divorce Court

So today was my best friends divorce court- you remember where "he" served my kids to testify.

4 hours were scheduled on the court calendar- I actually made fun of this- they had no kids, a pre-numptual agreement, only married about a year, she owned her house before they were married- what could take 4 hours?

WRONG! After 4 hours- the judge continued it until this afternoon- then continued it again until Tuesday- folks really why do you have to be so stubborn?

My boys did great on the stand. It was hard to see Dylan on the stand- he is so little and his voice was shaking- but he just answered the questions and they moved on to Bryce. The judge had them out of the courtroom and back in class within an hour- I appreciate that.

I read during court on my Kindle-I was able to finish one book and start another- so I do appreciate getting some reading time in.

I guess I just don't understand what is so important to fight over. When I broke up with my ex- I gave her the nicer van of the two-yes I drove a mini van! I took the largest credit card debt, split the furniture, sold the house and took the animals because she hated them and just moved on. I am still friends with everyone I have ever been in a relationship with- even my first love! Just seems to make life easier this way.

I will update on Tuesday how long court is that day- but at least the kids are done.


  1. I love you honey, and you cant have Toast. lol

    Your very sweet.

  2. Aww so sorry Kate. Im glad they were fast with the kids though if nothing else.

  3. How frustrating. Glad the kids got out of there fast.

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  5. as least it was quick. The poor kids for having to go throgh that.