Monday, March 16, 2009

Stressed out

Well the remodel is moving along and now I have to make all kids of decisions and it stresses me out. What size windows do I order? How many windows? A 5 or 6 foot door? Sliding or french? Bay or bowed windows- UG I wanna pull my hair out.

I went to make easy decisions- pick out lights- wrong! The only thing I did decide on was the cutest pink ceiling fan for Taya that has butterflies and hearts on it. I also know I will be paining her room pink and chocolate. I have no clue if I want a hanging light over the table- or a light that is flush with the ceiling.

Then I have to figure out where to put the appliances, and the cupboards, and I want the sink in the corner with big windows and the construction guys look at me like I am crazy- then I begin to doubt myself- maybe I am crazy. I know normal people might have a blue print or a plan- but not us- I just decide to build on and tear out walls- and so far it has all worked out- on the two other additions we have built- but a kitchen is a lot of decisions!

Then how will we decorate the kitchen? A country theme? Mickey Mouse kitchen? African? I don't know. I would like someone to help me- Jen has no clue- the construction guys say just tell them what to do and they will do it- Home Depot says to bring them in a floor plan with all the outlets and stuff- well I have to decide that too- where to put the outlets.

Ok I know in the grand scheme of things this is nothing to stress over- but I think about it all the time!

Tomorrow is divorce court round three- I will let you all know how it goes.


  1. After having just built a house, I feel your pain... I really do... : )

    You will get through this, it will be fine. : )


  2. I love you honey, and your right I have no clue. I am a see it on the wall before I can make any sense. lol

    We will get through this and the kitchen will look great,

    No worries my love.

  3. Excited to see the new paint in Tayas room. My 2 bestest colors. Sorry its so stressful, but when it's all done you will look around and think it was worth it, Im sure. I dont know if this helps, but I like lights that hang over the kitchen table. :) Oh and Kayla is in love with she votes Mickey Mouse kitchen. I am a bit jealous you get to do whatever you want with your house. We cant do that since we live in military housing. Wish I were there to help you.
    And I would to go to Hawaii to visit you. I can actually fly there for free on a military flight. Well, it costs like $10 because they charge you for a meal. Its an 8 hour flight. When are going to Hawaii??

  4. P.S...I love then Jen calls you my love on your blog..reminds me so much of Nick. He calls me that all time. Oh how I miss him so.