Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, my son hates me

So my terrific son Bryce just posted on My Space his mood is pissed of and he hates his Mom.

Here is the story. Thursday we went to parent teacher conferences- just a reminder he is in 9th grade. He had an A- in PE, 2 F's and 4 D's. Impressed? So he was supposed to start Drivers Ed in 2 weeks and I said no- my rule is C's or better- not a C average but C's or better. He will miss this class but he can take it next month if his grades are better according to my rules. However he won't get his permit when he turns 15- it will be delayed because of missing this class so he may be 16 and a month when he gets his licence- or two months depending on how long he needs to get his priorities together. Last I checked no one died from not having their permit on time. I know a month seems like an eternity to a 14 year old. But come on- meet me in the middle, show me you have drive. In math he has not even taken the time to turn in the last 12 assignments so that shows he doesn't care, and is not trying very hard.

I remember fighting with my own parents about this- I never got my licence until after I turned 18, because I was a difficult child and did not think I should follow my parents rules. Bryce seems to think I am only doing this because it was done to me. He says nothing is ever good enough for me. So I am at a loss. He did get 1 F up to a D- but he has one job- to go to school and do a good job, and D's and F's don't cut it with me. I am trying to be reasonable by asking for C's or better. My Dad wanted A's.

So what do I do?- talking to him does not help, I have lectured him, talked to him, threatened him, told him I am disappointed,we have taken his phone away, told him he will be home while we are on vacation because he will go to summer school. Jen handled the My Space comment well and made him remove it and told him he will not write things about me lie that. My best friend is the one that saw it- and called Jen. I am grateful he does not dabble in worse- but every day is a new day. I don't want to be a bitch- I feel like I am not over reacting, I want the best for him and a permit is not important right now, school is. I know all kids and parents go through this so it is my turn- I just hate it. I love Bryce and I want him to be happy- but I also want him to be successful. I totally understand my dreams for him are not his dreams- and I am OK with that but he needs to get his grades up.

On a brighter front- the construction guys showed up and got a little work done- poured some concrete in the new Styrofoam walls- it is supposed to be the "green" way to build. The walls are 8 inches thick- so it is interesting to watch. I am guessing they will be done in July.

Putting cement in the new foam walls

Messy job

Man my yard is a mess- but there is progress


  1. I dread going through this. I agree with you about the grades and driving. I feel the same way. Driving is a privilege, and to be afforded that privilege you have to abide by the rules. And getting good grades is a must in our house. I feel for you, I really do. (sigh) Kids. What are we going to do with them??!!! ;-)

  2. you go mom. Its hard because you hate your kids be so mad at you, but we have to do whats best for them, since they dont know that is best for them yet. My son is 13, ill be following your 'consequences' also. Do better in school, or __________. DONT CAVE no matter what. you go girl.

  3. I totally agree with you about the grades. C average is really not that unreasonable at all. I think if you stick to your guns, he'll respect you for it later. Of course, not now, but later in life, especially when he has his own children, he will respect you. You're an awesome Mom! Like I've said about Pete, he's made his bed and now he's gotta lie in it.

    Hang in there sweetie! Always here for you!!!

  4. Kate, you ARE being totally reasonable. His job is to go to school and do a good job. That is not asking too much at all. Keep up with it and don't give in to him.

    I was 17 when I got my driver's license.

  5. OMG, we must have the same kid! When they turn 15 they tend to lose their brain! We soooooo feel your pain . . . . Good luck!

  6. Sounds like about 1/2 my ENG 4C (grade 12 college bound) kids. I told one today his average right now is 18%. he had no concept of the fact that if he does nothing, the mark reflects it. I just want to slap 'em all silly, sometimes. Good for you for being a strong mama. One of the WORST problems I have with the kids not working/not caring is the coddling of the parents, so i applaud you. Btw, take away his computer, too, if he posts sh*t like that!