Thursday, March 19, 2009

Teenager for sale- cheap!

Well I gotta tell you about my day yesterday. UG!

I got a call from the school nurse that Bryce was hurt- so I rushed to the school- well he was very hurt- he has a broken nose and was sitting in a face full of blood when I got there.

Apparently- before school he was shinning a laser light into a boys face- teasing him- the boy had enough and walked over to Bryce and took his hat off and threw it.

Bryce stood up and puffed out his chest- like teenagers do- and the fight was on. The other kid threw the first punch and about 10 more, including slamming Bryce's face into the lunch table.

Bryce has no clue how to fight- so lets just say he got the worse end of the deal.

Suspended for 3 days and a ticket for bridge of peace. He has NEVER been in any trouble- welcome to High School- his brains have just gone out the window.

I am not sure what is happening with this child of mine. Tell me if I am wrong here- I understand that Bryce should not have been shinning the light in the kids face- I get that- he was provoking him- but punching Bryce in the face and breaking his nose seems a little like excess force- or am I just being the Mom of the kid that got beat up?


  1. OH my! Well, I don't have any advice.... The joys of parenting never end, do they?! Hang in there!

  2. I love you baby, its started hasn't it. YEAH i love teenagers.

    I dont know if we could sell him, he is broken. lol

    love you

  3. Aww gee Kate. Im so sorry. Just remember, we were all teenagers once and we all (or most) grew out of it into fine adults. Bryce will too.

  4. Got the package finally! I dont know what took a while but sometimes that happens. Thank you so much. Love the letters! Love the clothes. At this rate, between you, my Mother In Law and Nick's Aunt, Kayla has more clothes then ever...but its great since I wont have to shop. And the rock...thank you!! I have it with the other 2 that I have so far. Im going to mail you a check to pay you back for the letters and the shipping.
    Thank you Kate so much. Its so appreciated.

  5. bless his heart, he's growing Well, at least he didnt throw the first punch. For today anyway. the poor kid.

  6. Would have been the same at our school- zero tolerance for ANY fighting, unless he was ONLY victim and not the provoker too and witnesses could prove it. Yikes.. that looks like it hurt!