Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Michelle's giveaway and updates

Please go to Michelle's path . Michelle has a great family and is living in Guam. Her husband has been deployed to Iraq and they have a beautiful daughter named Kayla. She blogs all the time and is a great person, you are sure to enjoy.

Tina's place makes hair bows and tutu's.Life in the Northwest. My daughter has recently started dance class and I have had to worst time finding cute dance clothes for her to wear- so I have entered a contest for a Tina's tutu at Michelle's path to win! I have just recently started following her blog- so I am new to Tina's world. :)

Not much new going on here- Bryce is working on his grades but the quarter ends Friday- so I don't have much hope. I think he is over his attitude for now though.

I have the worst news- my best friend is getting a divorce- it has been in the process for over a year- well Thursday is the court date and her soon to be ex subpoenaed 2 of my kids last night! Wow so now I have to take my kids to court to be involved in a divorce trial! Can you believe that? My 14 and 9 year old- the court is planned for 4 hours- so it will be a long day.

The construction workers have not yet shown up this week- I am glad I am not building a whole house- it might take a decade.

We are trying to figure out our summer and when we can go to Hawaii- we go every year, my parents live there, and man- as the kids get older they have so many more activities- our summer is filling up fast- I hate it when summer flies by.

2 weeks until Taya is three and the 26th I go to a scrap booking convention for 4 days- I can't wait!


  1. Thanxs for all of the kind words... Can I go to Hawaii Please... I've alway's wanted to go.. One day... And good for you standing your ground on the Driver's ed stuff..

  2. Awww Kate...SO close to winning!!! Except that the rules stated to link to Tina's Sweet Pea blog, not her personal blog Life In The Northwest!!! ARRghghh!

  3. why in the world would they bring kids into this divorce? thats really a shame, the poor kids.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I talked about you on my blog. You were the topic of a discussion being Peyton and I. :) It'll make you smile.