Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wow I am three!

It seems like just yesterday that Jen was inseminating me on the morning before I flew to AZ. Thinking we were going to miss this cycle because I had an unexpected trip out of town- but we already had the sperm- so why not try?

Now she is three. We had a fun party at Chuck E. Cheese- it is so loud there.

Having a girl opens a whole new world of high pitched screams, frills, attitude, and love.

She is changing before my eyes- before I know it she will be a young lady. sigh!

Taya and Ava

Taya and Autum

Dylan with his black eye from wrestling

Toby with his cotton candy

Going for a ride

Look at me


  1. Life is amazing. From that insemination, you have created a PERSON.

    It is so hard to watch how fast they grow. Kayla will be 8 months old next week and Im already amazed at how fast she is growing. I really hate that Nick has to miss it.

    Happy 3rd Birthday TAYA!

  2. That's funny about how she was created. :)

    Happy birthday Taya!!

  3. Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday To You!!
    Happy 3rd Birthday Dearest Taya!!!
    Happy Birthday To You!!

    Looks like her party was a hit!!

  4. happy birthday taya! I wont comment on the other

  5. Taya says thaaaaaank you to everyone who said happy bday.

    It was not to long ago that we made this little bundle of joy.

    I love you sweetheart so very much.