Friday, March 13, 2009

Does he look gay?

So today was Bryce's first track meet- I have no idea why he wanted to do track but he did. So he was pole vaulting. It is interesting to watch- and a fatty like me could never make it up as high as he does, but he has a lot of work to do if he plans to support Jen and I with this career choice.

He did keep asking me if he looked "gay" in his track outfit? Now- what does he have against looking gay? I am so offended. He would be so lucky to be in our club- not to mention the new toaster oven Jen and I would get from our leaders for recruiting one still in High School. :)

Tomorrow the kids have a wrestling tournament- ALL DAY LONG. Last week Toby- who weighs 120.9 pounds was put in heavy weight and had to wrestle a kid that was 202- what is that about? I hate that. I have to help at the booths- sure do love that.

The pups are doing great- keeping our fingers crossed. They should be leaving soon.

Came home tonight from the movies and Bryce was setting off fireworks. I swear it is a brain fart that he is suffering with.

I just want him to be safe and happy.

We went to see Friday the 13th- ok stupid- not gory at all- and a waste of time- so don't bother.


  1. Great pictures you got of him in the air. That is neat to watch!
    LOL @ at his gay question!!!

  2. well, he doesnt look gay...(did i answer right?) Thanks for the heads up on friday the I LOVE horror movies, my friend and I go to all the horror (my partner doesnt understand why i like them) As for fireworks...well, were not there yet. Its just a matter of time though...ugh.

  3. My 14 year old thinks everything is gay. If it's dumb, it's gay. If it's silly, it's gay. If I say something he doesn't like, I'm gay! Silly boy, I was gay before I opened my mouth. I tried so hard at first to get him to stop saying that, telling him that he was basically saying "gay" is stupid, silly, crazy, etc. Every teenager in America is saying it. My son says it's just another slang word. So I stopped trying to correct him and just started saying, "that's so straight", or tell him he's so straight. He doesn't like it! But it doesn't make him stop! I figured out the less I try to correct him, the less he does it! :)

    Silly teenagers!