Friday, July 31, 2009

Ta Da!

OK finally the unveiling of the new kitchen. It is functional now- although they still have some little stuff to do. I just love having a big kitchen. We have decided to add an island to it because it seems a bit too big- can you believe I am saying that? It has been ordered and we are going to put butcher block on top of it with a small sink to rinse vegetables. I know it is a lot of pictures- but I tried to show you it all.

I also added some pictures of the "old" kitchen in case anyone forgot how small and crowded it was!

The pergola is coming along on the patio and they tell me it will be done by middle of next week- so things are moving along!

Eating area

The bay window

Doors to the patio

Moving along the wall- I love how we staggered these cupboards. I know the dishwasher does not match- but for now it works- we will get a new one.

Stove- I was cooking dinner- so ignore the pots

Where this desk is- is where our kitchen table used to be. Taya's room is in the middle.

Hutch area

More of the sink and the awesome windows

Old kitchen hutch

Old kitchen- I cannot believe I used to function in this!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What are your thoughts?

Two things I wonder about....

What are your thoughts about people that put their children on a leash? This is a monkey backpack- and the tail is a leash.

A family dilemma.....
Jen was very close to her Grandmother- and when the Grandmother died her wedding set was to go to Jen and the Grandfather's set to her brother. Seems fair right? Well Jen was not ready for the set- because we were not sure what to do with it so her Mom has held onto it.
Ok- now the problem. Jen's brother has decided to marry his girlfriend. He is stupid about money even though he makes plenty, so here comes the wedding day and he has no ring- so Jen's Mom offers the Grandmother's wedding set for them to "use"- no one told or asked Jen about this.
So now it has been a few months- the new wife is still wearing the Grandmother's wedding set that was supposed to be used for the ceremony only- there are no plans to buy her a new ring and Jen is torn up about this. What would you do? We are not talking about anything fancy- but just the fact that the set was Jen's Grandmother's- it probably does not help that Jen is not fond of the new wife either.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beauty Sleep

Sleeping beauty

Back float- she is supposed to have a teacher help her

Notice all the other kids have a teacher helping them? Not Taya she just jumps out and floats.
Here is the diva sleeping. She now likes to sleep with this mask over her eyes- thanks to her cousin Madison who came to visit.
We went to see My Sister's Keeper last night. I had read the book, so I knew what I was in for- but probably not the best movie to go see on the same day my Grandmother died. I was so sad.
Taya is having fun in swimming lessons- Jen wanted to put her in the baby class- I put her with the 4 year olds and she hates waiting on the other kids. Do all my kids have to be over achiever's? She just wants to swim and hates all the rules.
I was the mean Mom and put the boys in swimming too to work on their form- so they are irritated with me. Oh well that is my job!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My heart is heavy

It has been a rough few days for me. Surgery on Friday and all went well- very painful- but that is to be expected. By Friday evening I was throwing up from one of my episodes just to top things off. So finally at 6 a.m. I went to the ER for meds. Got things calmed down, came home and continue to puke my guts out. Back to the ER where they cannot find a vein to save their lives- but enjoy poking me 9 times to look for one. So the Dr. just gave me drugs IM and home again I went. By 5 this A.M. the puking has stopped and I may live through this one.

All the throwing up has not felt great on my stomach that was just cut open but what can you do.

Meanwhile, my Grandmother was just put into Hospice on Thursday- I knew I would not be able to see her Friday and Saturday I was too sick to move. Today I started to feel better- but was not ready to tackle the 3 hour drive- so I planned to go tomorrow- well they just called and she passed away about 45 minutes ago. Now chances are I would not have been there anyway- but it breaks my heart that I was not able to see her again. I hate this illness I have.

So rest in peace my beautiful Grandmother. You were an amazing woman who taught me so much. The times you made me laugh, the half smile you would give me when you were trying to tease someone. Thank you for growing onions in your garden just for me, and teaching me to sew. Thank you for the many hours on the phone when I was trying to figure out who I was. Thank you for the lessons about God, and learning to cook. I love you so much, and you will sure be missed. Rest now my sweet Grandmother, be with your Husband and family and know that because of you- we are all better people.

Friday, July 24, 2009

It has been a day!

We got my Grandmother situated in Hospice- oh they are so nice and comforting. I love them. They gave her some pain medication right away- gave her a warm towel bed bath, had flowers in her room waiting for her. I feel like she will get so much better care there. I am happy.

The guy building or porch fell off the ladder and broke his wrist today while we were dealing with transporting my Grandmother.

Then, on the way home we got a hell of a flat tire- and the lug wrench did not fit- so we called for help- the man that came to help cut his hand open because the wire of the tire wrapped around the wheel axle- we can't even get a normal flat tire. So they had to send a back up guy.

Then I am going in for surgery in a few hours and I have not even been to bed yet- does anyone else see this black cloud I have hanging over my head?

Grandmother in her new digs- Taya calles her "Grandma there"

Taya and Root Beer are worn out after a long day

The tread from the tire that fell off

Taya is showing Jen how to change a tire

We try to keep a happy face through it all- hell I am snapping photos on the interstate

What a mess

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boys will be boys

I am biting the bullet and letting the boys play tackle football this year- I have avoided this moment because of Toby's heart- buy the Dr. says we can try it so here goes.

However- we needed to go buy jock straps for them. OK nothing funnier then 2 lesbians at Wal-Mart trying to figure out what size cups to buy- and nothing to reference. The thought did cross our minds to ask a random man for assistance but we held strong.

So after getting home, the boys had to model for us and "nut tap" each other- we of course had to snap pictures! Trey looks like he has a future in pole dancing- scary!

On a sad note- we will be transferring my Grandmother to Hospice tomorrow- I hope the end comes quick and painless for her.

Monday, July 20, 2009

No good news on Grandmother

My Grandmother is the same. She will not eat- she is trying to bite the nurses- she is so strong for a 98 year old lady who has not had more then 100 calories in almost a week. They say if she does not turn the corner soon then we are looking at Hospice. I know she does not have much of a life and she will be happier when she is gone- but man I will miss that woman. She has been such an important part of my life. My Dad is 67 years old- and his mother is still alive- amazing!

They could not put the carpet in Bryce's room today- something about the wrong measurements. Poor kid- oh well one more day.

I have to have surgery on Friday- nothing major but I have a lump in my pubic hair area- TMI I know- and it is causing a lot of pain- so they will cut it out. Now you know how sick and wrong Jen and I are right? Sooooooo- we told the boys it was an alien that was left behind- so we are going to make a gross clump of hair and a tooth and put it in a jar and bring it home to show them. We need therapy don't we?

Wednesday they start building my pergola on the porch- that will be awesome- or awestome as Taya says.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good, scary, and sad news...

The good news is that my niece, Madison, came to visit us for a week from Texas. She is 13 and this was her first plane ride alone. We had a great time. We went to Jen's family reunion, shopping, the zoo, swimming, and to see Harry Potter at midnight! It was a lot of fun.

The scary news is that Bryce passed his Driver's Ed class and now holds a permit for driving. Stay off the roads. In all reality he is a good driver- but man it is hard to give up that control and not act afraid.

The sad- my Grandmother is not doing well- she is 98 and they took her to the ER yesterday where she has remained in the hospital with "failure to thrive." We took the kids to see her tonight and even Bryce got teary eyed. It is very hard to watch her so terrified and fighting all the nurses- when you hold her hand she digs her thumbnail into your skin so you will leave her alone and then she pinches you. On the surface it is funny to see her so ornery- but underneath all that is a terrified lady that I love so very much.

I have a sink in my kitchen- they put it in Friday. I am so happy. The kitchen is about put together- the construction crew has left us for 2 weeks- but things seem to be functional now. Bryce gets new carpet Monday and then we can put his room together and everyone should be settled into their new rooms.

We had a Mom deliver 9 beautiful puppies- so perfect and white- and then she ate 6 of them- yes I said ate them. Sick and wrong. I guess she will not be having anymore litters.

This is my Grandmother on Thursday with Madison and Taya

Jen Taya,(aka Scuba Steve) and Madison at The Outback

Making smores on the back porch the night before Madison left

Bryce with his permit- SCARY!

The whole group before Madison left

Thursday, July 9, 2009

More construction pictures

I haven't shown you the mess my house is in for awhile- so these pictures should give you a good idea. Yesterday my new counters were in- and in our town at the store- silly me I thought my construction guys might go get them and put them in- you know we have not had a kitchen sink for over 6 weeks- we have 5 children and a kitchen is important- but what was I thinking? Instead they decide to tear apart Bryce's room with no warning. So they had to get the back hoe thingy to pull out the small window that was there because the concrete was 8 inches thick- in order to cut a hole big enough for his new window and window well.

Now Bryce is happy they are making progress on his room- but I can't get the new carpet in until next Thursday in his room- so what was the hurry?- Meanwhile my beautiful new counters are sitting at the store just waiting for me to make dinner on them.....

Little jail cell window

Trying to get the concrete to budge
There it goes

One last little piece left

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July pictures a little late

The 4th of July was fun- we went to the parade in the morning with Jen's family and my best friend Ann. then we had a BBQ- all my old foster kids came- so I loved that. The we had some illegal fireworks- so we had a 2 hour fireworks display with Dylan and Trey both getting hurt- but not bad.

We got the concrete poured- the counters are still not in- so we still do not have a kitchen sink- I am really starting to lose patience.

Our baby duck count is down to 4 from 6. Jen's dad's dog got one of them.

We have had 2 puppies returned by unstable people. One of them just decided she was not ready to be a puppy Mommy- so she brought him back after a few days crying her eyes out. The other one the lady has said about 5 different reason's why she brought the puppy back. I just feel bad for the puppies that are looking for forever homes.

We are going to Jen's family reunion this weekend- so that should be fun. I have to have surgery- just as an outpatient- but surgery just the same.

Bryce and his best friend Phil

Jen and Taya at the parade

Bryce and Taya

Trey and Grandma

Trey and his cousin Turtle- Taya and Toby in the background.

Dylan and Grandpa at the rodeo

Me and Jerry- Jen's dad

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh, life in the country....

First of all I just want to put out there- that I do not want to hear Anyone's crap about posting naked pictures of my daughter- you can't see anything and naked kid pictures of childhood are cute- if you can't handle it= then stop looking now. That said....

I love living in the country- because where else can you spend the day playing in your yard dressed (or not dressed) like this? Taya and her new puppy Hana- had a wonderful day playing naked. I love that she is able to be free and have fun.

We had a nice fourth- I will post some pictures and tell you about the newest injuries on the kids.....

My niece is going to be coming for a visit on Friday- so that will be fun. Hope everyone had a great holiday.

You can see my new barn quilt in the background of one of my pictures too!