Monday, July 20, 2009

No good news on Grandmother

My Grandmother is the same. She will not eat- she is trying to bite the nurses- she is so strong for a 98 year old lady who has not had more then 100 calories in almost a week. They say if she does not turn the corner soon then we are looking at Hospice. I know she does not have much of a life and she will be happier when she is gone- but man I will miss that woman. She has been such an important part of my life. My Dad is 67 years old- and his mother is still alive- amazing!

They could not put the carpet in Bryce's room today- something about the wrong measurements. Poor kid- oh well one more day.

I have to have surgery on Friday- nothing major but I have a lump in my pubic hair area- TMI I know- and it is causing a lot of pain- so they will cut it out. Now you know how sick and wrong Jen and I are right? Sooooooo- we told the boys it was an alien that was left behind- so we are going to make a gross clump of hair and a tooth and put it in a jar and bring it home to show them. We need therapy don't we?

Wednesday they start building my pergola on the porch- that will be awesome- or awestome as Taya says.


  1. Thinking of you and your grandma! I hope things can get better.

    BTW I'm trying to convince my brother to get a lab or a golden...not having much luck!

  2. I'm soooo sorry about your grandmother. :( I'm thinking of you!

    You and Jen are way too funny! That is awesome! Sure wish I could see the kids' faces. :) Hope your surgery goes well!

  3. your grandmother will be in my prayers as well as for you and your surgery.