Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beauty Sleep

Sleeping beauty

Back float- she is supposed to have a teacher help her

Notice all the other kids have a teacher helping them? Not Taya she just jumps out and floats.
Here is the diva sleeping. She now likes to sleep with this mask over her eyes- thanks to her cousin Madison who came to visit.
We went to see My Sister's Keeper last night. I had read the book, so I knew what I was in for- but probably not the best movie to go see on the same day my Grandmother died. I was so sad.
Taya is having fun in swimming lessons- Jen wanted to put her in the baby class- I put her with the 4 year olds and she hates waiting on the other kids. Do all my kids have to be over achiever's? She just wants to swim and hates all the rules.
I was the mean Mom and put the boys in swimming too to work on their form- so they are irritated with me. Oh well that is my job!

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  1. That is what Mom's do. Irritate their children.
    I want to see that movie.