Friday, July 31, 2009

Ta Da!

OK finally the unveiling of the new kitchen. It is functional now- although they still have some little stuff to do. I just love having a big kitchen. We have decided to add an island to it because it seems a bit too big- can you believe I am saying that? It has been ordered and we are going to put butcher block on top of it with a small sink to rinse vegetables. I know it is a lot of pictures- but I tried to show you it all.

I also added some pictures of the "old" kitchen in case anyone forgot how small and crowded it was!

The pergola is coming along on the patio and they tell me it will be done by middle of next week- so things are moving along!

Eating area

The bay window

Doors to the patio

Moving along the wall- I love how we staggered these cupboards. I know the dishwasher does not match- but for now it works- we will get a new one.

Stove- I was cooking dinner- so ignore the pots

Where this desk is- is where our kitchen table used to be. Taya's room is in the middle.

Hutch area

More of the sink and the awesome windows

Old kitchen hutch

Old kitchen- I cannot believe I used to function in this!


  1. SO VERY BEAUTIFUL! (yes, i know that was in all caps... i just really loved it!)

  2. Kitchen's looking really nice. I bet you're relieved it's finished!

  3. I am in love with your fridge. How did you do that? You must tell!!!!

  4. I am happy that you got your kitchen my love. It looks great, I think the best part is the cabinets!! I love you sweetheart so very much.

  5. wow, i am so jealous, look at the size of that kitchen. simple beautiful.