Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dancing Queen

My daughter makes me laugh- here she is wearing Trey's jock strap and her dive mask doing a dance for us. If she only knew that someday these will be great pictures for her yearbook or her wedding slide show. Oh she is so going to kill us for capturing this on film! :)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I got caught up on laundry and we had the whole season of Harper's Island on out DVR- so we got through about 1/2 of it- pretty good show.


  1. Don't ya just love incriminating photos!! lol Our kids will also hate us one day!! :-)

    And we LOVED Harpers Island. Kel had seen previews for it, and I am so glad she did. I jump easily, so there were some parts that really got me. I hope they have more mini series like it.

  2. Oh my gosh!! Too funny! She's gonna really hate you later. :) :)