Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School 2009/2010

So today school started. Why do they start in the middle of the week? I am not ready for school to start- I need it to be June. I still have trips to the lake I want to take, and spend more time with the kids. I hate that football cuts my summer short- I can't even go away for Labor Day because of football. I want to go tot he lake this weekend and play but I have three puppies leaving! I am stomping my feet!

Toby is in 6th grade- I remember 6th grade- it was when my parents got divorced and three days later my father re-married. I was so boy crazy and really wanting to have a boyfriend- hormones were raging. At the same time- I had a big crush on two girls in my class- but I didn't know what it all meant.

Trey and Dylan started 4th grade. Trey is still so much bigger then Dylan- it must suck to have your twin be bigger then you are- be able to ride carnival rides before you can- my poor Dylan. Speaking of Dylan- Bryce offered to show him how to ride the dirt bike- but neglected to tell him about the clutch- so straight into the barbed wire fence he drove. 2 stitches and 3 steri strips later he is as good as new. We had not been to the ER for a month or so- so I guess it was time.

I have been watching Jon and Kate plus 8- Wow what what a train wreck! I think Jen and I need a reality show- two lezzies and a handful of kids? Would anyone watch it? :)

Bryce does not start school until Friday- again what is the point? Why not wait until Monday? He will be a Sophomore- that means only one more year of school pictures and then he will have Senior pictures- weird.

We have signed Taya up for Pre-school but she is on the waiting list- please say a prayer that she gets in- she already has her backpack ready to go and her little heart will break if she is not picked for school.

Jen was gone for a day to go drop off some dogs for a show and I went crazy missing her- now she has lost her voice and does not feel very good. Pray for healing for her as well.

Trey is normal

Dylan is into this wetting down his hair thing

Toby is growing out his hair- and it looks like straw


  1. With all the trips to the would have enough for a tv show. I would watch!

  2. I would watch that show...its gotta be better than some of the tripe they put on tv these days.

  3. We would definitely watch! lol

    Happy first day of school boys! Our boys go back next Wedensday. I too am sad summer is over and school is starting back up. But I love Fall, and all it brings with it (especially football!!)

  4. Our boys are into wetting their hair down too..what is up with that?? I hate it!!

  5. You know Mark and I would watch...maybe we could guest star on a "jockey strap" episode. :)

    Wow..they sure go back to school early!

  6. I totally would watch, between breeding dogs, all the kids, the EW visits, the fixing up the house, the car crashed (sorry, bad memory), who wouldn't watch? I agree about when they start school...very weird.

    Oh, the boys look great. I hope Taya gets to preschool of her choice.