Monday, March 30, 2009

My name is Kate- I am a scrap aholoic

Here are the long awaited pictures from this weekend. I was able to finished up a family album from last year that just needed some journaling but I had been putting it off. I completed our album from the Disney cruise last year- and did about 15 pages for Taya's album- I am almost up to her first Birthday now! I won't even tell you how far behind I am with the boys.

It was great fun- I goofed off a lot so I did not get done as much as I wanted- but that's OK. We go again in November and are going to be at a new hotel- so hopefully I like it. The reason I like this one- is my Grandmother is in a nursing home right across the street- so I can pop over and see her everyday.

Taya and Trey came to spend the night on Saturday- so that was a nice distraction because I was sure missing everyone and dying to see Jen after the accident.

Toast naps while all the scrap booking is going on

Taya came to visit on Saturday and she was taking calls for me

The room after I cleaned up a little- Toast trying to get comfy

I have to bring my lap top because I hate the way my writing looks

Ok is this more crap then anyone needs for a weekend?


  1. lol...its amazing how much crap, oh, i mean stuff we get when we scrap. I hate my own handwriting to, but you have to get over that. it will mean more to the kids when its your own, then if its on the computer. doesnt matter if the page doesnt look 'perfect', its what matters in the end. Now put that darn computer away when your scrapping.

    Oh, you can get free digi stuff on line and then print the stuff out and cut it and use it. I have saved lots of money that way.

  2. Looks like you had a great time, and got a lot done!!