Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Well, these are my three wrestlers. Toby ended his school career 18-0 and then the coach ditches them for baseball- so the private wrestling picks them up. Trey and Dylan joined in to wrestle for Middle School because 6-8 grade is Middle School. Dylan has already been wrestling all year so he was in shape- Trey had not wrestled since he was like 8 and decided to debut at State!

Toby took first, Trey took second, and Dylan took 8th. I was amazed at Trey- 5 weeks of practice and the kid took second at state. Toby is just a beast! Dylan has lots of kids in his weight bracket- so he has a tough year and he just does not have the drive- I hope he gets it back.

So proud of my kids!

Dylan, Toby, and Trey
Toby took First

Trey took second!


  1. You should be very proud!
    I think my one twin, Joshua, will be a wrestler in school. He's all monkey and muscle.
    Your boys did great!