Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Babies!

OK, so we are suckers.  After losing Pretzel last week, my heart was heavy- I mean I knew I would get another kitty- because when you have love to gee it is inevitable.  S, I was responding to a post on Facebook and the lady that we got Pretzel from said the same Mom had 6 kittens- well hell ya, Pretzels Mom has new babies- the same genes or at least half- I told her we would go that afternoon- well we came home with two!

This cutie is Waffels- love her mask face

and this cutie is Candy Corn- you can't tell but she has one orange leg and orange on one cheek so she looks like she has a dirty face- I need to get a better picture of her- but she is always sleeping.

Waffels will just lay on her tummy in your hand for hours- she is so sweet- and Candy Corn was the brut of the litter- but the first night she just shook because she was so scared.  She is adjusted now.

I am like a Mama with a newborn- not getting any sleep because I need to make sure the babies are ok and that Jen does not smash them- you can't really tell from the pictures- but they are tiny- I know they are not 8 weeks old.  I put them on my mail scale and Waffels is only 10 oz and Candy Corn is 1 pound- that is crazy small.  Waffels does not eat as well as Candy Corn- we went and bought her some special food and she is learning- she probably still needs her Mama- but the people were ready to get rid of them and who better to take care of them than me?  I am glad they have each other and I have new kitties to love.

Why the food names you are wondering?  I have no clue- we just started it- the Goldens get Hawaiian names and the inside animals get food names.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about Pretzel. But your new babies are way toooo cute!