Monday, April 16, 2012

Prom Update

So, after prom- the heartless B*tch sent Bryce a text the next morning and said, "things are just not working out, I have been feeling this for awhile now- but I wanted to go to prom. So I am moving on."

My poor son, nothing like looking into your son's red eyes and know she broke his heart. I know it is for the best, he is better than her and he will be leaving soon and focus on his future- but none of that helps when your son has a broken heart.

However, he posted this picture on Facebook the next day and wrote:

I love this girl so much just seeing her face makes me happy

I love you son, and your are a great guy who has a great future ahead of you. Never let a girl change who you are- and this Mom and this little sister think you are the best and to us you are perfect!


  1. Wow, she really was a bitch!
    Listen, you got a good boy there.
    You should keep track of that prom date. I bet she ends up with a real loser.

  2. omg what a b**ch. Bryce has an amazing family, that will help him though

  3. I love him! He is too sweet, and way too good for that heartless bitch! And do what Mark says, keep track of her, she will end up with a loser, regretting the day she let your amazing son go!