Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trey did great!

I am glad this day is over. Surgery went great- they put some pins in Trey's hand to hold it together and he is doing great. Praise God. He had never been under before- so it is always nerve racking the first tome someone goes under.

He needs to keep this cast type thing on for three weeks- then he should be good to go!

Jen only got to stay for a little while- so that sucked- I know she wanted to be there- and I needed her there. I hate that she has to work so much.

Thanks for every one's well wishes for Trey- I appreciate all of you!

Mama with Trey before surgery

Jen kissing her boy before surgery
I had to get a picture with "the hat"

After surgery- not feeling so hot

"The Hand"


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  3. Ok - so I am on a roll!! How on EARTH did I manage to comment so many times! lol

    So glad that surgery went well! Big hugs to Trey!

  4. Im so glad he is ok :) Its hard to see your babies gi through something let alone surgery...

  5. Poor baby! Feel better trey! And remember, no punching! : ) Hugs, ag

  6. I am glad that it went well...Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. Glad hes on the mend. Do your kids ever tell you to get the camera out their faces?! LOL