Sunday, April 17, 2011

Taking a break to complain

UG! I just want to vent. I am so frustrated- no one cleans up after them selves in my family and I can't do it all. I am going on strike from making dinner until the kids and Jen start picking up after themselves. 1 against 6 is not a fair fight- seriously- they can't even close the pantry after they get something out of it. Bryce tells everyone that I don't work and I don't do anything all day- really? Jen has been asleep for a 6 hour nap- I want a 6 hour nap- while she was asleep- I hauled hay, fed and watered all the animals, mopped the bathroom floor, drove out to the shop and restocked wood pellets, did laundry, gave the puppies their shots, and wrote this blog! I live with pigs! I am not saying I am a neat freak- but really- I just want some help. I am turning into my mother- I remember her ranting about this stuff. Please tell me it will get better or I am first in line for the Kool-Aid! Ok done- but I don't feel any better.


  1. Call a family meeting! Say what's on Your mind and let them know how it makes you feel! And them not stepping up hurts You and if They love you why Do They want to hurt You. You will build resentment if you dont tell them in a way they hear You!

  2. I feel your pain. But I'm sure our partners would disagree!

  3. When you figure out how to train them, let me know. I need some help too.
    Good luck! m.