Monday, April 18, 2011

30 Day's of Blogging- Day #8

A place you have visited.....Hawaii! We try to take the kids every year to Hawaii- they have learned so much about snorkeling and scuba, and boogie boarding, and now surfing- it has been so fun watching them grow. Trey and Dylan used to be afraid of the water and would stand and cry on the beach- Taya has always loved it. Here are a few pictures of them growing up on the beaches of Hawaii!

Trey, Dylan and Toby

Dylan, Trey, Toby, and Bryce with our friend Mel

Bryce teaching Trey to catch a wave

Dylan and Trey, crying on the beach

Trey and Dylan- they were so cute!

Family Photo


Taya's first trip- 2 1/2 months old

We try to do a parrott picture every year


Wow- how Bryce has grown! 2010


  1. We want togo next year and it will be the first time, Can you help me with the best least crowded place to go and and helpful tips when planning the trip