Thursday, March 4, 2010

Park Day

The weather has been so nice and I have been promising Taya that we would go to the park- so today we went. It was a little too windy for me- but what do you do when you promised? The Twins wanted to go too- so that was fun.

Dylan on the slide

Trey and Tay Tay

I did not get to scrapbook yesterday because I had to take a pup to the airport- so I made up for it today and got 17 pages done! That is 110 so far this year- that makes me happy.

One of the pages I did today
I went ahead and signed up for the 4 day cropping weekend- not really sure what to do with Taya- but Jen says we will figure it out. I am so excited- I really, really, really- did I say really yet?- enjoy going and I get so much done. It is one of the only times I get to visit with friends and talk to adults for more then two sentences.

Jen's Mom had back surgery and things are not going well- she is back in the hospital because her stomach filled with air- OK weird- so they are draining the air out....
We sold a guy to a professional race car driver from Sweden- he was really nice and his wife was hot too. :)
Taya will be 4 in three weeks- how can that be? She wants to have a ladybug party- so I ordered 1500 lady bugs for the kids to put in bug catchers- it should be fun- the boys have not had a Birthday party for years.
Had a great conversation with Bryce last night- I am so thankful for our relationship- sometimes I am a bit freaked out by what he tells me- least he tells me stuff right?
Jen still loves her job at the prison- I have a funny story but will save it for tomorrow. :)

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  1. We went to the park today as well it was so pretty out... Sofia had her very first Fit today! Yep 1st one was funny...