Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Bryce is getting into his teenage years- and I will have to admit- my name is Kate and I am a zit popper. I can't send my child out into the world when he has a third eye on his chin just asking for me to pop it. Then there are the stubborn ones that don't quite have a head on them- but they are so big- you get a needle and stick it in them- just to get the stuff out and relieve the pressure- come on you have all done it to someone or yourself!

It is my duty as a Mother. Well NO MORE. Watch this and I bet you will never pop a zit for another person. Come on- you know your curious. ... /341574688


  1. I'm ready for breakfast now. :)

    I admit it, yes, I'm a zit popper and so is Mark. We pop each other's zits. :)

  2. Ok - so I didn't watch it. I am usually a curious person - but, the post is about zits, and then you link a video - I can only imagine what the video is..... and I can feel myself getting nauseated at just the thought! haha

  3. OMG..that is gross. Now I get to go home for dinner....thanks...but you did warn me.