Sunday, September 13, 2009

I hate football

This is a whiny post....

All four boys are playing tackle football this year. Bryce is number 47 on the Varsity and JV team in high school. Both twins are number 23 and Toby is 32. I have never let Toby play because of his heart- so I am a little nervous, but working through it.

I can sum up what I understand about football in two words- NOT MUCH! I have had it explained to me- but I just don't get it- or maybe I don't want to get it who knows. I hated it as a child when my Dad would have it on TV- I hate going to games- it is always so cold- how can enjoy something when you are so cold all you can think about is a hot shower?

I love baseball and do you think one, just one of my boys would play? NO- they like stupid football. :)

Here are some pictures of them playing and a video of Dylan making a TD- this I know is a good thing.

Football takes up way too much of my life too- Bryce has practice every day after school and the little boys go three times a week- then the games Fri, Sat, and Tuesday- Sunday is my only football free day- and Jen watches it on TV sometimes on that day- ugh- have I mentioned I hate football?


Bryce at a high school game


  1. sports are good, it keeps them out of trouble. I am nervous as my boys are not that interested in sports.

    I know football is probably one of the most dangerous, but think of it this way, its not ice hockey. Trust me on this, that's the worst.

  2. Not to worry....I dont get it either. My Dad always had it on too. In fact, Thanksgiving ALWAYS reminds me of football...because that was a big game day to my Dad. He never sat at the table with us for dinner. And its always freezing...not fun.

  3. I hear ya about the cold games. :) We took the boys to one when it was cold and raining. All I kept thinking was "we could be sitting at home with blankets and watching this for FREE and instead we paid $50 a piece to sit here and freeze our butts off and be miserable????"