Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We went shooting!

So Jen's new job requires her to be able to shoot- so she wanted to go shooting today- let's just say it freaked me out. I hated it. My hands were sweaty, I jumped at every bullet, I closed my eyes to shoot. My hand hurts and so does my arm- I am not made to be a shooter- she however LOVES it and wants to buy a gun now. Holy cow.

We went with Taya to the fire station with her class. Her teacher is not very friendly- but I think she is coming around a little. How can you not like Jen and I? I was elected Policy Council President- so she will see a lot of me. :)

My parents are going to be visiting tomorrow from Hawaii- so that will keep us busy.

I got my hair chopped off- like 8 inches and layered- then I have always wanted pink in it- so I did it- I also got some put in Taya's hair- but it did not take as well as mine. She likes it though- although this picture of her looks like she is in pain. She is NOT a morning child.

At the fire station

Taya's pink hair

My new doo with pink

Jen shooting

Me shooting- under this smile is a scared inner child

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  1. I'd be scared out of my mind!

    Love the new hairdos!!