Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am in a rut

For the most part- I really enjoy breeding dogs- yes it is a lot of work to feed and water and clean them day after day- the Vet bills, the dog food expense, collars, toys, microchips all that stuff- not to mention the hours I spend researching dogs and having them flown into this country.

I just get tired of bitchy Phycho customers that you can never make happy and they bum me out.- the dog is not white enough, or big enough, or pretty enough and no one cares about the personality of this little pup. UG!

Jen got a job- we are not posting it yet because that is a whole nother drama with my ex BFF- she has gone crazy again and I have decided the relationship is no longer healthy for me- so Tada it is over- anyway- we don't want her to know where Jen is working and that she will be out of the state for a month- I am freaking out about that- we have never spent 2 nights alone- it is seriously going to cause me some stress- and what if I get sick and need to go to the hospital? There are not many people I would want to see me like that. I think of Michelle and I know how strong she is and she is alone for month on end- so surly I can go 1 month. right?

So I am just mopey and been busy and not had a lot of time to myself or with Jen- I need to fix that. OK I am done bitching now. I am leaving you with pictures of why I do what I do- these babies are so cute!


  1. Awww they really are adorable. Dont worry too much about customers, its just a fact of life that you can never please everyone, and in my experience you can get some real nasty dog people.
    I know what you mean about spending time apart from Jen. I havent spent a night away from Jilly for a while and even then i had a terrible nights sleep, but i guess if needs must! I'll have to get used to it cos she's got a new job where she will do nights.
    Keep Smiling :)

  2. SO sorry you are in a rut!

    Tell Jen congrats on the new job! It will be rough being apart for a month. I couldn't imagine being away from Kel for that long.

    The pups are sooo freaking cute! I just wanna kiss those cute adorable faces!!

  3. Love the puppies. :)

    Congrats to Jen on the new job! I can't imagine being away for a month and I'll be thinking of you guys! When Mark's in the hospital, I can't be away from him for a few hours and I get sad when he's gone on a walk....yeah, I'm a nerd...the honeymoon is still going I guess. :)

  4. congrats to jen on her new job. thats great news. I know it sucks when they leave, i know when Mitch has to go on a business trip, i just cant fall asleep. I am so use to having him sleeping with me.

    as for those puppies, they are so freakin cute. I cant imagine people would say those things. When we saw our little puppy for the first time, it was love at first site. He could of been blue for all we cared, he was our little puppy.

    I love golden retrievers, I had them growing up, they are the best dogs. Due to Mitch's allergies, we couldn't have one, but we got Murphy, all 5 lbs of

    I still send the breeder pictures of Murph. I might be crazy, but I would want to know how my little puppy was doing.

    anyway, my comment is to Love those cutie patotties.

  5. i love your dogs. I'm a service dog trainer and ALWAYS look for dogs with good temperament. Keep breeding for that. It's the right thing to do.

  6. Im behind on commenting blogs, but I have been reading...

    Its hard to be apart. But if I can do it, you can do it...and anyone can do it.

    But, I think I under estimate myself. A lot.