Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brownies and new kitty

It is cold here in Colorado- Denver has already had snow! I hate cold- I am so much a beach person. So, because it was cold I made chili for dinner and had Jen's parents over. I also made cornbread and cinnamon rolls- yummy! I think cinnamon rolls and chili are a weird combination- but in Colorado in the public schools they serve this together- so they kids like the combination and get used to it- so I follow suit.

As you can see from the pictures below- Taya helped me make brownies by cleaning up the bowl- she even has brownie in her hair. I just bought some cute stickers- so this will make a fun scrapbook page. I am off to another scrapbook weekend in November- I think Jen will still be gone, so it will be a nice chance to get away and take my mind off of things.

Just in case we did not have enough animals we were at Pet Smart and saw a fun cat and decided he needed to live with us. He is 10 years old and so fat. We have only had him a few days, so he is still trying to get used to our loud house and dogs, and a three year old, and so forth- but so far so good. We knew his chances were slim at 10 to find a loving home- so we adopted him. Taya has named him Teriyaki. I wonder what his name used to be and where he came from? He has been well fed- or else he swallowed a bunny recently. I wish he could tell me his story.

Looks like Jen got an extra week off before starting her new job. Target date now is the 12Th. She has been out shooting guns to get ready and now thinks she wants to buy a gun- scary!

Tonight at group I am starting a cooking class to teach the ladies some easy and quick meals to cook for their family. Tonight we are making taco ring and salsa. I hope they get some benefit out of it- if nothing else- I know they will eat well tonight.

Taya enjoyed the brownie bowl

This will make a cute scrap booking page

The new kitty Teriyaki

He is like 22 pounds of fat cat

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  1. Taya looks like Kayla in those pictures. I let her lick cookie dough a few days ago and she progresses from the beaters to the bowl and then had her whole head and face in the bowl so it got in her hair too.

    Im with you on the cold weather...HATE it. I hate it. thank you! Im trying not to take for granted the tropcial weather all year here...because some day Im going to miss it.

    SOOOOOOOOOO jealous of your scrapbooking weekend. I just bought a bunch of stickers from ebay to scrap with...since noone else will ship to me here. I dont get it. I dont understand why noone will ship to Guam. Its USA territory and we use the USPS just like all the 50 states. So annoying. I ran out of the plastic protective pages so next week I have to make a run down the island 45 minutes to Ben Franklin and hope they have it in stock. Most times they dont, but I do get lucky sometimes. Its not your normal good stocked Ben Franklin. Annoying.

    You have such a big heart for do I. If we werent military and moving all the time and have restrictions in military housing on the number of animals (which is only 2 by the way) I would totally have more.

    I LOVE fat cats. Pooh Bear is 18 lbs and standing on 2 back feet is taller than my waist.

    Jen with a gun?! Wow. Would be awesome if her and Nick could go shooting together. He has perfect shots in his trainings..most times.

    Wow, that was a LONG comment. Sorry! LOL!!!!