Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer is ending...

Summer is my favorite time of the year- we just love the sun. When we go tot he lake- all our friends are sitting in the shade- and Jen and I have moved our chairs into the sun- we just can't get enough.

We went to the lake again this weekend. One more trip and then that is it- we will camp for Labor Day. School starts tomorrow. I really enjoy having the kids home- so I am bummed out that they have to go back already.

We finished up sports physicals today. Toby hurt his wrist in football already- so we need to go to the Dr. to get an x-ray later today.

I always remember people saying that kids grow up fast- but I am really starting to get it now- I just want time to stop- Bryce only has 2 years left- I have no kids in elementary school anymore- it is crazy!

Hope everyone else is enjoying these last few weeks or days of summer.

Root Beer loves to ride the jet ski

Look at this camping Diva mess!

Trey making some cookies

Toot Beer camping

Newest Lifeguard!


  1. Im with you and Jen. I love the sun too. Im usually the only one not in the shade as well. Hard to believe Aug is half way over.

  2. Love the pics! I love the sun, too. :)