Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am giving up!

So, I am frustrated and tired today- it was a long day, Taya was being a brat- school clothes shopping with Toby is painful to say the least- I get home and go to give the dogs fresh water, spray for grasshoppers, and water the trees- outside maybe an hour- while Taya was inside with Jen and Dylan- I come in and her room looks like this!

I asked her time and time again to clean her room, and she said she did not feel like it-
So I bagged up most of the toys, a lot of her clothes- and I am dropping them off tonight to get rid of them. Taya was screaming and crying and telling me I was so mean.

Here are 4 of the 6 bags.

and now her room looks like this! I am much happier- and she has 6 bags of crap less to mess it up with!
Some days- like today I try to remind myself that this won't last forever- I was really grouchy with Jen because I am tired of doing it all- but she is leaving for work again- so now I get to tackle the living room- which looks almost as bad as Taya's room used to.
Bryce gets off work at midnight- and since I am a mean Mom and won't let him get his license I have to go get him- so I can't even go to bed and pull the covers over my head and try to forget about this horrible day!


  1. Awww, itll be better tomorrow. We all have days like that where we just dont have the energy to do it, but we keep going and its worth it. Keep smiling Kate :)

  2. After all the screaming she MUST be happier in her room with it all cleaned up. She looks happier in the picture anyways! I love her pink/brown room. It was my goal with Kayla's until we moved out of other house and had to repaint everything white again. So no more painting until we move into our next house...OFF of this rock!

    Like you, on tough days I remind myself I once had tough days WISHING for the tough days of being a Mom, and I also remind myself that some day Im going to WISH with all my being that the kids and I could be this young again.

    Your a great Mom Kate. Keep up the good work. I mean....errr, uuhhh, I should stick with Taya and tell you are a terrible Mom for making her get rid of stuff!

    (I just dropped off a small box this morning!)

  3. You're an amazing mom and wife! The good days make these bad ones all worth it!

  4. Im so proud of you! Soemtimes seeing theior things go helps them remember we are not their maid! I only have to mention taking her stuff to another child who will appreciate it and she cleans up real fast... Looks great, I to was a mother picking my son up at work late, He had to pay for his own insurance to get his license needless to say it didnt take long for him to save his money..

  5. From one Mean Dad to a Mean Mom; Great Job!