Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dance Diva-NOT!

I am afraid that my poor daughter has inherited my two left feet- the poor child just does not get dance- when the group is going left- she is twirling to the beat of her own drum to the right and in a different outfit, another stage, another planet, and just not with the group.

This is year three in dance- we have tried tap, ballet, jazz, and now hip hop. I feel for the child- but we love her teacher and we really want her to be in some activity so we will stick it out for a few more years- besides we get great recital pictures like this of her:

and in the picture- she looks like a dance diva and that is all that really matters right?


  1. Shes adorable and she loves it. That is all that matters!! I cant dance worth crap either by the way. lol.