Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Perhaps, I am not American....

because I think I am the only person in the US who does not enjoy, nor understand football. I know, I know it is crazy. I have 4 sons who play and I just don't get it try as I might. There are too many rules and positions and it is complicated and dumb. I love baseball- but football not so much. I also hate to be cold and football is played, at least part of the season in the snow!

Football has started this week, and we went to Toby's first game yesterday- he is number 32. It looks painful, and taking pictures is difficult when I can't follow the stupid ball- the fakes outs get me every time. Last year he was a running back and made a lot of touch downs- this I know. Now this year he is bigger, in 8th grade he is 5'11" and 175 pounds, and a size 15 wide shoe- I know this is big so he is a full back- which I guess does not make touchdowns because he is bigger and can't run as fast.

Then I guess he plays another position on offense or defense- which I told my parents was point guard and they informed me this was the wrong sport- so I had to ask Toby again what position it was and it is nose guard, OK stupid name- still not really sure what that does but at least I know the position name.

I have had people try to explain the game to me- but I just don't think my brain has room for the information- I am slowly getting some of it though- like I know when our team is running with the ball to cheer- but I just have to admit, I will never be a football fan.

Pictures from the first game below- can't give you any comments because I know not what I do....

This picture however looks like he is trying to choke out some much smaller child and I am just not sure that is very nice.


  1. Believe it or not, I can actually handle high school football. No, I really don't understand it either but I think it's more personal. Beyond that, I'm as lost as you. You Communist!

  2. You should write a have a knack about writing about your kids and family. I really enjoy it. I am not a football fan either, both of our kids love it.......but I don't understand it at all.