Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Crazy Husband

I am so fortunate. Jen and I have a great relationship- you often hear that a spouse is some one's best friend- but Jen truly is. We talk on the phone all the time when we are apart- and love being together.
She is a nut job though. She loves to laugh and to make other people laugh. Here she is goofing off acting like she is a porn star- nothing could be further from close to believable. She is so funny though. She gives the kids so much laughter- and combined with my snide sense of humor they make us laugh.
It has been nice having her home for the past 10 days or so- we have gotten so much done that we have put off around the farm- plus it is nice to have her to talk to.
There is a big dog show in Denver this weekend- so we will be going to that- plus we have folks coming from CA to pick out their puppy and one of our males is studding this weekend- I am also hoping to fit in a romantic Valentine's dinner sometime.
Normal Jen- I do love her
Trying to be funny and act like a porn star

I won't even go there....


  1. You guys are so funny! I think we would get along so well!

  2. LOL! Oh my gosh. She is hilarious! Cant wait for my package!!

  3. I have been looking at my pictures, and I think dang man I have so missed my calling honey. So, Monday morning I am getting on the phone and I am going to be a porn star, I am a hottie! I totally see why you married me, geeerowl.....
    I love you so much.