Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dylan in his chonies!

Dylan dared me to post this picture of him. Not a good idea with a Mom like me- I will do it.

Not much going on here these days. I bought a really cool stand for scrapbook paper that has a dust cover- how cool is that? I am going to a 4 day scrapping retreat in march- so I will of course be bringing this. I love to scrapbook. I mean LOVE it. It is so relaxing.

Oh, the new addition construction is on hold until next week- man contractors live in their own world by their own schedules- and what are you going to do about it? You need them and they know it.

I gotta tell you something Jen did that drives me crazy. It made me think about Tammy and Mark. One day I guess she was trying to be nice and she got the mail on her way home- our mailbox is about 1/2 mile from the house. So she threw it on the dashboard and forgot to bring it in or tell me about it. Well, I never drive her truck- but tonight I was on my way to my group that I run on Wednesday night and I took the truck- I am not even sure why- but once in a blue moon I drive it. I found the mail- it was from January 20 something! Ugh she drives me crazy! It had a letter in it that I was complaining that I never got. Well I got it now.

The Twins did their Valentines candy things tonight to take to school. They get a 4 day weekend yeah. Monday we are going skiing- so I will post pictures of us.


  1. whooo hooo!! Look at them legs! ;-)

    How lucky are they to get a 4 day weekend. I want a 4 day weekend!! But I will settle for a 3 day weekend - an extra day off is ALWAYS nice! Can't wait to see pic's from your skiing adventure!

  2. Love the picture! He obviously knows never to dare you again. :)

    That's funny about the mail! Definitely something we would do. :)

  3. SORRY, SORRY, SORRY, about the mail. Hee hee I at least got the mail, ok I am not helping my case any. So, I love you, and think your beautiful, and you are my favorite. :)

    I love you my wife.