Saturday, February 7, 2009

Superbowl Sunday!

I know, I know- the Superbowl was awhile ago- but I have not been up to blogging- so I am catching up and I took these photos for a blog- so by God I am going to use them. :)

Have I ever mentioned I hate football? Well this is the first game I have sat through- I don't understand it- but it was nice company and we have a 73 inch TV that makes watching anything enjoyable!

Hope you all had a nice Superbowl Sunday too! Stop laughing at me!

Geri with her 3-d glasses on
Ann and her glasses

Jen- always a Bronco fan- even when they are not playing


  1. Love the glasses! So attractive. LOL! I dont understand football either, not one bit.

  2. Dang who is that good looking devil in the Bronco Jersey? Man, you are one lucky lady!

    I love you