Thursday, February 19, 2009

We wish we had a swimming pool

My crazy kids. I swear boys are so wild. The boys got home from school and of course the hole was bigger. They can not just stand and look at it- they have to jump in it!

Trey and Dylan were doing cannon ball jumps and Trey begged me to let him do a back flip- is he crazy? I know he wants water to be in it- but the ground is hard.

In the spirit of all construction projects- we found a slight problem last night- the kitchen sink water was no longer draining outside- but into the basement instead- we also found the water drain was cut so I could not do laundry- now that just will not work, no sink or washer for 3 months? Luckily we have great construction guys and they fixed it as soon as we told them- so lucky me I can do laundry tonight. Toby "cleaned" his room last night- so Mom has lots of laundry to do. Does anyone else have kids that just throw everything in the laundry?

The good news is I did not find anymore of Jen's dead body bones today- so either she is hiding them better- or she has given up that hobby of killing people.

Toby- where did the steps go?

Dylan standing in Trey's new room

Dylan leaping into the hole

Trey leaping in the hole


  1. woah!!!! big hole ya got there!!! lol!!!
    jen must be hiding the bones better. i bet its people she practices dentistry on.

  2. Wow! That's a huge hole!

    LOL about Jen. :) I'm glad she's hiding it better.

  3. Do you know how easy it would be to get a nice, above ground pool would be. Just try a cheap one for a couple summers, and you'll be ready to make the big plunge. Trey and Dylan would LOVE IT!

  4. Muwhahaha, Its the patients that could not pay thier bills. :)

    I dont play with bill collecting...

    I love you honey

  5. It was an honor to have u as the first... And yes we r so lucky to be where it teds to be warmer.. we were in the mid 70's last week but a cold 40 today.. Now I know that 40 can be a heat wave depending on the part of the country u live in, but dang that's cold when it was 70 a few day's ago.LOL.. I had a Great Time Reading Your Blog... U both look so Happy and Cute Together.. I LOve the Life and Love u can see in your Picture's.. did u see my comment about new years eve??