Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Love...

I knew this day was coming- from the bottom of my toes to the tip of my head I dreaded it.
Over Christmas Bryce started Dating. Now dating is a loose term- but he got serious with a girl and they decided to only date each other. It has been interesting to watch him change. He wants to be with her all the time, thinks about doing things with her, they hold hands and kiss.
They text each other ALL THE TIME! He had over 5000 text messages last month. So we had the talk again about sex- just a refresher course. He assured me that I am crazy. I knowing how teen hormones run- just asked him to humor me.
The pictures below are of a dance they went to- Vanessa goes to another school- so she came over, got ready, and they went to Dairy Queen, and to the dance and then home. I appreciate the fact that her family is as freaky as I am about not leaving them alone to get into trouble.
Over Christmas break break Bryce begged me over and over again to let him transfer to her school. I of course, said no- and in his teenage mind I am certain he thinks I am trying to ruin his life. He went on and on about it like kids do when they get a crazy idea that they think will work. He was under the false assumption that he might be able to wear me down- little does he know that I wrote the book on teenage manipulation!
Things have been going well with Bryce and Vanessa- they are more serious then I would have wanted at this age- but it is a different world.
Then the bomb dropped. Out of the blue she texts him and uses the old line "let's just be friends." My son was crushed. It was heart breaking to see him sad and moping. Nothing hurts like your first love. I told him he gets a little easier once you get a few under your belt, but they all hurt. He is doing great- but as a Mother it crushes me to see him hurt- I want him to live in a bubble where mean girls that break hearts can't be near him.
Now we will wait until the next girl comes along and does the same thing, and so the pattern of the dating ritual begins.
Bryce and Vanessa before the dance All ready for the dance


  1. My poor son, I love you buddy!

    My wife, I am trying to figure out who is taking it harder, my son or my wife. I love you both more then anything. You are a good mama my love, its a lot harder then i could have ever imagined watching our son go through his first heartache. I love you baby, your doing great at this whole blogging thing my love.


  2. Thank goodness you did NOT let him transfer etc. I see these to die for romances come and go more quickly than a happy meal sometimes! But, no dobt, until that last stormy moment it is TRUE love :)

  3. My heart just breaks for him. The first love is always so hard.

  4. I am so sorry that his heart is broken. I just dread going through all of that. I will be taken notes from you - since our oldest is only 11. That way maybe I can be a bit more prepared! :-)