Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jen had a baby!!!!!!

Ok well maybe not Jen- but her baby had a baby- so it is kinda like she had a baby!

I know I promised my big news yesterday, so I am a big slacker- slap my hands!

Our miniature mare had her baby- we were not expecting her to foal until March- and we went to go to the store and driving past the corral I saw something on the ground and I made Jen stop- I thought it was a dead cat- so I jumped out of the truck and ran towards this lump on the ground- and it moved- I yelled "it's alive" I was so happy to see a baby horse and nothing dead.

I am a little bummed- ok a lot bummed because I wanted to see her girl birth- but we were not expecting the baby for a few weeks. Oh well- just thankful she is doing well.

It is a little girl and she is beautiful! She is a charcoal grey color and we named her Smores. Her Mom is named Mellow, like marsh mellow- so we thought that was a great name. All of our household animals are named after food- Root Beer, Ice Cube, Toast, Crouton- you get the picture. No the horse is not a household animal- but we just stuck with the theme.

So that is our big news- in the midst of all the bad and sad things that have been going on lately it is fun to have such a great surprise. God is good.

Smores with her Mommy

Look how happy Jen is with her new baby

Mommy is not sure about Jen holding her baby

Have you ever seen such a cute little horse?


  1. I am not sure which one of us has a bigger nose. lol

    I love you honey very much. Its been great spending time with you. YAMWAILY always my love.

  2. Awww, I just want to kiss its wet cold nose!!!