Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not for the faint at heart

Does this gross anyone out as much as it does me? Bryce keeps getting the same toenail ingrown and the poor kid has to get it cut out. It is the most painful thing to watch. they actually put shots under his toenail to numb it up. Then they cut into the toenail to remove the part causing the pain. How do they do this you ask? Imagine the pain of having one side of the scissors shoved under your toe nail in order to cut it all the way down? Oh it just makes me want to pee a little. Then they clamp and yank the toenail out.

We take him to a local Dr. to have this done- and he is a funny Dr. He hums while he is inflicting this pain on my son- as he is giving the numbing shots he says things like, "I can make you talk." He really tries to make it not so bad. Bryce was saying, "Oh God" because of the pain and the DR. SAYS, "YES?"

Much to my surprise they say it has nothing to do with how the nail is cut- it has to do with how the bone grows. This is his second removal in 6 months- the next time they will kill the toe nail so it can't grow again.

The worst part of this whole thing is- he has track tomorrow and he wants to go. Last time he had football and continued playing. he is so much braver than I am. I would be at home, on pain pills, with my foot on a pillow- asking Jen to bring things to me because no way would I walk on this baby. Owwwweeeee!

I have a big surprise to show you all tomorrow- I was going to show you today- but then the toe issue happened and I knew it was my duty to gross everyone out!


  1. Ouch! That looks like it hurts sooooo much. Love the doctor! He sounds so funny. :)

    Thanks for your support and thinking of me. It means a lot!

  2. Yikes! That has GOT to hurt! Poor kid. : (

  3. ok, what a thing to wake up (yes, me, coffee in hand, checking out my computer) thanks for that. well, i do need to lose weight, so i guess i wont be having breakfast this morning. Only kidding, the poor kid.

    I love your blog, alot of blogs have babies on them, its nice to read blogs with older kids.

    "I have a big surprise to show you all tomorrow"
    ok, tomorrow is here.

  4. LOL looks like John has got your number my love. What happened to tomorrow. lol

    I love you honey. Dang that kid has the craziest toes, and the close up picture is even freakier.

  5. Your poor kid! But, the doctor sounds hysterical :)