Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jen loves VD!

Jen has always loved making Valentine's day boxes. Up until now- she has made her fair share of robots- but this year Taya wanted a Princess Castle- so she went to work. It was pretty cute- behind each window she put a different Princess plus fish in the moat- and when she took it to Taya's school- there was one happy little girl. All the girls in the class were gathered around the box, pushing Jen out of the way so they could see it. I can't wait until her party tomorrow.

Trey did not get to make one this year- in his words, the teacher only let them do "stupid bags." That is sad because most likely this is his last year! It is not cool to be a 5th grader who gives Valentines to the class. :)

Dylan went with a new theme this year and Jen made an I-pod- she is so creative- it even has earphones. I wish I had digital pictures of their robots she has made over the years but wither I lost them, or deleted them, or who knows maybe it never really happened and I dreamt the robots.

Hope everyone has a great VD! Jen thought she could call yesterday to get dinner reservations at The Melting Pot- silly Jen of course they are booked!

Dylan with the headphones!

The I-pod box

Princess Tay Tay's Valentine's castle

I am pretty sure her smile says it all!


  1. Awww thats so cute. Taya has such a cheeky grin!
    Hope you two have a happy valentine's day x

  2. I found you through 2momswithaplan, and wanted to say hi! Those boxes are adorable!

  3. Now, when I first saw Jen loves VD - you know where I went. And it wasn't too Valentine's Day. I went back to high school health, when they called an STD a VD. haha

    LOVE the IPOD and the princess castle! They are awesome! We haven't made a box since Jarrod was in kindergarden. They just do the 'stupid bags'. We made Jarrod a robot - not as big as Jen's IPOD. It was made out of a shoebox. But I have to say that even with my lack of artistic ability, it was cute!! : o )