Monday, June 1, 2009

I do love Hawaii

Well we made it to Maui. I of course got sick on the plane about 2 hours before we landed- so our first trip was to the ER for meds and IV's while my parents took the boys home. I felt better- but stayed in bed all day Saturday while Jen took the kids to the beach. I am feeling better now- but man I am so sick of being sick. It is just not fair.

Today I was able to go to the beach with everyone. The kids had a great time surfing and boogie boarding. I do love Hawaii it is so relaxing and the people are so friendly.

I made fried chicken for dinner- and tomorrow we are off on an adventure so no water tomorrow for us- it will give the sunburns a day to soak in.

Normal children build sandcastles on the beach- my daughter wanted to build a volcano. She makes us laugh.

Trey boogie boarding

Dylan deciding what to do next

Toby went overboard on the sunscreen

Bryce had to get a new rash guard this year- because he is so "buff" lol

Bryce with his new surf board

Bryce, Toby, and Trey waiting for the next wave


  1. Welcome home. Great pictures and thanks for sharing :)

  2. Very nice. Hope you start feeling better. I thought Hawaii would look similar to Guam but your pictures show me otherwise. There arent any waves here and the sand is almost white and looks like we have a lot more palm trees. I have been in Hawaii before but didnt get to see the scenery since my 10 hour layover was during the night..and I had to sleep in the airport. HA! Yeah..military flights are free but they can really stink.

  3. So sorry you were sick! Bummer! I ended up getting influenza on the way back and was really sick on the plane, but luckily, that was on the flight back and so I really got to enjoy the vacation. Glad you're feeling better.

    Love the pictures....makes me homesick for Hawaii, though. :)

  4. sick! I am so sorry...but the kids look like they are having a ball. dont forget the sunscreen...Toby is the smart