Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Snake and marraige

I am still heading down that road as a bad blogger- I need to get back on the band wagon.

So Jen's brother decided to get married to his girlfriend of 10 years and the woman he has three children with- why rush things? So Friday was the "wedding"- a handful of people in the back yard and the children running around shooting each other with toy guns- it was a little odd. Then Saturday was the BBQ/reception.

Jen invited a bunch of High school buddies to come down- so that was fun- Jen and her friend's had way too much to drink- so most of them were crying by the end of the night- funny to watch though. Taya loved holding this snake at the BBQ, while sitting on Ann's lap- I don't recall ever going to a wedding with snakes- but hey I am game.

The counter tops came in and just when it seemed we were going to have some normalcy in our lives I looked, and they had the wrong finish on them. In the grand scheme of things it probably does not matter- but it kept bugging me all weekend- so Monday morning I called and told them they were wrong- believe me the guy did not want to re-order those babies- but he knew he ordered them wrong- so two more weeks without counters and a sink. I will survive this right?

Jen and Trey took a road trip to MO to pick up some puppies from a litter we bred- so while she is gone all hell breaks loose. We get this freak rainstorm that fills the window well with 3 feet of water- it pours into Trey's brand new room with brand new carpet! So I have been sucking water out of the carpet for hours and there is no end in sight. I have carpet guys coming in the morning. Oh and the new bay window leaked a little too. I just want to crawl in a hole and not deal with any of this. My guys are not going to like me in the morning when I call them.

Speaking of morning- I have to get up in 3 hours to take a puppy to the airport and hurry home for the Dish network guy- I am going to be so tired. I just can't sleep when Jen is not here. O better go try though.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day?????????

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