Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hawaii on Wednesday- Big Beach and Water balloons

Today was perfect- we went to "Big Beach" at Bryce's urging- so he could skim board. I admit it has great sand for skim boarding, but on the other side of the Lava hill is "little Beach" a well known nude beach- so I had to wonder what his motive was. After all he is a 15 year old male.

Ten minutes after arriving at the beach, Bryce and his brother's could be seen climbing the rock wall in search of "the perfect wave." They were back soon though, saying all they saw were sagging old ladies boobs. I have to laugh- I think they thought Lady GAGA would be there in all her glory.

The waves were great, the water was warm, and we had a nice day at the beach.

When we got home, after a stop at Cold Stone, the kids shot water balloons off the deck and of course Smores for dessert. Great day on the island of Maui!

Bryce at Big Beach- after the old lady shot

Dylan shooting a balloon

Toby going for the long shot

Trey boogie boarding

Towel head Taya

Beautiful Hawaiian flowers


  1. How fun...thanks for sharing :)

  2. His face completely says "EEEEWWWW - old lady boobs!!" hhahahah too funny!!

    Those Hawaiian flowers are just gorgeous! And the beach is just beautiful!

    Shooting those water balloons looks like lots of fun! And Smores - YUM!!