Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Electrician has been spotted

After waiting all week for the electrician- he has shown up for a few hours a day for 2 days and I appreciate him. He has a lot to do, but he needs to be here to get it done.

The kitchen is looking amazing- I can't wait. They tell me Friday we will have a stove again, Friday the counters are supposed to be here also. I am not hopeful they will cut the sink on Friday because it seems they have a lot to do- but as long as we are making progress I am happy.

The rooms downstairs are all but finished- the closets need bars to hang clothes on and vents for the heater/ac- but I think that is about it- lights went in today. It will be nice to get everyone back in their own space- we have been on top of each other for 5 months now.

On a sad note- Jen and I had to put her parents dog to sleep tonight- she was 14 and her legs gave out on her it is always sad to do that- her Mom was just bawling at home and we knew she could not do it.

On a happy note- one of our females is in labor- so Jen and I are up delivering puppies- well I am delivering- Jen is snoring. :)

Still messy- but looking from the old kitchen into the new part- remember there was a wall her a few months ago?

Looking in the old area- the fridge still has no home because the electrician is slow, so it is in the middle of the floor- that makes life fun.

Pantry and fridge area- yes I put in 2 pantries!

This will be a bar to sit at- sink in the far left corner

Dining room and a great bay window- patio doors to the new covered patio


  1. Wow! Things are really coming along! How exciting!

    So sorry you had to put Jen's parents' dog to sleep. That's so sad. I can't even imagine.

  2. wow, things are really coming along. Sad to read about jens parents dog. It really is so sad to put a dog to sleep.

    what color are the walls in the dining room?