Thursday, June 11, 2009

Updates on lots of stuff

Well we made it home from Hawaii just fine, a little tired after three planes changes- but all intact. Bryce was off to camp the next day for two weeks so he did not have a lot of turn around time.

The kitchen progress was amazing- the flooring was in, the painting was done and most of the cabinets were set in place so we had an idea of what things would look like. I knew carpet was going to be put into the kids rooms Monday or Tuesday, so that did not leave me much time to paint Taya's room. Trey and Dylan's rooms were painted because they were part of the new addition, Taya was getting their old room so it was up to us.

So, I was up early on Sunday painting her room- I must say it was a lot of fun after 4 boys to finally get to paint a little girls room. Then I started getting sick and it was all downhill from there. By 9:00 I knew I was not going to be able to take Bryce to camp -it is 3 1/2 hours each way- so I sent Jen on her way and my best friend came over and laid in bed with me until I was ready to go to the hospital for meds. She stayed with me until Jen got back and picked me up at the ER.

Jen and I finished Taya's room early the next day three pink walls and a chocolate wall- they I got the bright idea to paint polka dots- it is turning out really cute- I will post pictures. Taya loves it.

Jen finished the bathroom- our camera died on the trip to Hawaii so I need to dig out an old one to get some pictures.

It has been raining like crazy here- so Taya has been catching frogs.

Just wanted everyone to know we are still alive.

My favorite dog was bred before we left and she is getting so fat- I am really excited for her to have her babies.


  1. Glad you're still alive. :) Sounds like you guys had a blast in Hawaii...I'm jealous. :)

  2. Thank you for sending me the post card and well wishes for a safe trip! It made me smile. You are so thoughtful Kate. Thank you for thinking of us. We appreciate it more than you know!

  3. PS. Cant wait to see Taya's room!

  4. Sucks you were sick, but looking forward to seeing the room.