Saturday, May 23, 2009

We are the DIY family now!

So, the bathroom is still in progress- I did put the first coat of paint on it tonight- hopefully tomorrow it will get a second coat and we can tile. Then put it all back together on Monday- only took a week.

Now that Jen has tackled the bathroom- she thinks she is ready to open a handy man service- so she decided we could pull up the old kitchen flooring and sub floor. Note: there are a million- not even exaggerating a little, staples in the floor- so we had to get rid of them- so out came the dremel again and two days, and 15 bits later we are still sawing off staples. I am hoping this will be finished by Monday. I think the kitchen is getting painted this week, and the new flooring installed.

Then after we get these two projects completed- we are going to paint Taya's new room and pull up the carpet- so new carpet can be installed. Jen is already looking around the house for her next project- it scares me!

Sweeping up the mess- under the vinyl, and sub floor were those peel and stick tiles that will never come off. So new flooring will cover them again.

Bryce having way too much fun.

These are cool tools!

Dylan having way too much fun!

Bryce pulling up flooring.


  1. We are doing AWESOME!! Yeah the nails are not my favorite, but we are DIY baby! The bathroom looks good, and hum hum hum, what is next - I am pretty awesome you have to admit! :) I love you honey, and I am very proud of you for having patients with me and letting me be creative, and try this stuff out. I am glad that it looks good, and very proud of us! I love you sweetheart so very much, you have been a great sport!!

    YAMWAILY forever my love!!

  2. Wow what a project this is turning into. Thanks so much for sharing the photos and all. Jen you should open your own business I can't wait to see the finished product. I'm still can't figure out DIY but I got YAMWAILY LOL Aloha :)

  3. Never mind just figured it out. Doing It Yourself WOOT!!!!!!! LOL Aloha and have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend :)

  4. Looks like you guys are having a great time. :) It would be great to get together with you guys...I think we would get along great. :)

  5. You gotta admit, Jen looks hot with a tool in her

    Looks like your whole family is getting into.