Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is why contractors are in business

In our bathroom- we have ugly gold tile and I planned on it being our next project- you know silly me thinking it was enough to have our kitchen all pulled apart and 2 bedrooms being built. Well a small piece of tile fell off and Jen got this great idea to re tile the bathroom- seemed like a small enough task.

So she removed a row of tile on the side of the tub...

She made a big mess on the floor...

Then she got out her dremmel....


Now my bathroom has become a huge project- because when she took off the tile, she damaged the drywall- which was supposed to be some special water proof board but wasn't- so she found moisture- and had to peel all that away and now it is a mess.
Did I forget to mention that she has never done a project like this before? This is also the bathroom that the boys shower in every morning? Wow I will be so impressed if she can put it all back together, but secretly I am glad that my contractors will be here next week while we are in Hawaii- just in case she can't.


  1. LOL...this is too funny. I hope it comes out okay but I bet that Jen will get it done. Little story...this sounds like me and my friend Lisa. I get a call..."I have an issue" She always starts with that. Well the issues turn out to be projects, things I've never done before or her, but we manage to get them done, most of the time how they should be but sometimes we have to have it all corrected. LOL. The projects aren't as big as this but...LOL. I understand where you are coming from :) Aloha

  2. Oh wow! Your house is going to feel like new by the time its all done...and it will have been worth it all!
    I wish I could join you in Hawaii. But money is tight with our month long trip to PA soon. I need to stock up on items I cant shop for here. Blah. We are going to try to take the military hop to HI once Nick gets back for a mini vacation. Maybe early 2010. Wow...weird...2010?! 2-0-1-0?? Weird!

  3. That is so funny! Wow. I can see Jen tackling it. :) Too cute!

  4. silly silly ladies. Dont you know once you start a little project, it turns into a huge project. Well, she looks like a pro.

  5. I am almost done, YEAH! I have all the dry wall up, I mudded and taped. Kate just put up the first coat of paint today. I am Bob Villa, YAHOO!! I told you I could do it my love, it is not perfect but its a lot better then it was. LOL I love you sweetheart so much. YAMWAILY!!!!!