Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meanest Mother award

The teenager saga continues- quick recap- I won't let Bryce get his permit until he has "C's" or better- he struggles with school- won't do his homework, is lazy and does not have his priorities in order- he is capable and has been on the "B" honor role before. I don't think I am asking for the impossible but he does. So bottom line- the grades are no better and his birthday came and went with out a permit. You have to have your permit for 12 months before you can get you licence- so at this point he will be over 16 when he gets his license- to a 15 year old- END OF THE WORLD!

So things have been going OK considering- now and again Bryce will make a snide remark about driving- but no major blow ups.

Life goes on and my best friend graduated as an RN last Saturday- Congratulations Ann! So there was a graduation party next door, friends, food, and alcohol. We stayed for awhile and then left because I was on call and had to check on a woman in shelter. Bryce continued to ride dirt bike's with Ann's son, Phil.

About 8:00 I get a text from Bryce that says: "Mom, I need to ask you something, please say yes"- OK as a parent you already know this is not going to be good. :)

So I am ask him "what?"

He replies: "Can I please play beer pong? Everyone else is doing it even Phil and Nathan- (who are 15 and 16), Please Mom"

Okay- what planet is my son on? I personally do not drink- I am not opposed to people who drink- I just don't choose it for myself- not to say I have never had a drink or anything- I just would rather have a Dr. Pepper- it tastes better. Bryce is 15- now many of you probably drank at 15- but I am the same Mother who would not let him see a PG13 movie until he was really 13- and I still don't let him see rated R movies, although we all know he has snuck and seen a few.

I really think he thought I was going to say "sure son, I have a rule about not getting your permit until you have decent grades- but go ahead and drink with your buddies at 15!"

I of course had him come right home, I told him I was proud of him for asking me if he could drink and that I was sorry he was put in that position. It of course turned into I am the strictest parent, he looked stupid having to come home when everyone else got to stay and drink, and I won't let him get his permit because I am so mean. One of the other kids drinking has a parent who is in law enforcement and he was allowed to drink. I told him that I can't control what other parents do- but that I made the right decision- I am certain it did not help his bruised ego though.

So if you watch the TV show the world's Strictest parents, according to Bryce, I should be on it- so watch for my episode. :)

He was however the first of my kids to tell me Happy Mother's Day and he still tells me he loves me at least twice a day-so there is still hope. :)


  1. Girl you stick to your guns! The things I see parents allowing is very frightening. Just yesterday I had to involve Children's Aid b/c one of my 14 yr olds is sleeping with her 19 yr old boyfriend, in her mother's house, WITH the mother's blessing!!! So, tell me where that girl will be in a couple of years.
    Your son may be pissy, now, but one day, he'll "get it" :)

  2. dont give in!!!!!!! It might get tougher before it gets better. But he will get it. I am shocked he asked...brave to you that he feels he has that open conversation. I secretly think he really didnt want to do it and thats why he called you knowing that you would say no. I can see it now..

    "yea, I would love too, but if my mom finds out she will kill me, so let me call and if she says yes, it will be cool so i can join in....oh shucks, she said no and now I gotta mom ruins everything...." thinking in his mind...'thank God im outta there'

    But either way, he called.

    We dont drink here either, but for us we fear our kids are more followers due to their issues so we dont have alcohol in the house. I just dont want them growing up with it. outta site outta mind is what i say.

  3. I love you even if your so strict honey. lol